Why Nigerian Nollywood dramatically changes lifestyle of people in Africa?

Has Nollywood really changed the life of NIgerians and other nations in Africa? Find out now.

Nigerian Nollywood movies keep gaining large popularity across the entire African continent. What is interesting about them? What is happening in Nollywood right now? Let’s get to know from the article.

 Nollywood dramatically changes lifestyle

 Nigerian Nollywood news

Nigeria continues its development. Nowadays it is not only one of the fastest growing economies, it also has one of the greatest cinematography, which has its impact on all African continent. Nowadays, Movie industry creates about 2500 films every year. They have already replaced some Chinese, Indian, and even American movies on the screens of African viewers.

Nigerian Nollywood changes lifestyle in Africa

Lots of Nigerian Nollywood stars have become prominent and known even worldwide. Some of them have been listed in the ranking of the richest in Africa. Besides, Nigerian Nollywood actresses are really beautiful. Plenty of African girls dream of being like them. They are attractive, young, and successful.

 Nollywood changes lifestyle people in Africa?

Well, celebrities are important for making any movie worth watching. However, the key reason, why Nigerian films are so famous is that they tell true African stories. Besides, they are mostly shot in villages, representing the spirit of this unique culture. People are captivated by their charm. That’s why it is the main cause of the fact that such films have become a kind of modern fashion. Africans see themselves on the screens. Never mind, whether you are wealthy or poor, ugly or beautiful – you will find your character. The pictures just show the simple truth about how we live in Africa. Even the ancient story lines, often applied by the directors, are true to life even today.

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lifestyle people in Africa?

What is more, the movies are being shot really fast. The process takes about several months or even weeks for each of them, while the average budget comprises of $25,000. Then, they are translated into African, French, and several other local languages (being originally in English).

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 lifestyle people in Nigeria

Nigerian Nollywood gossips are now all over the Internet. Read them in newspapers and magazines across the continent. However, what is more important, this industry has changed the way the cinematography works. It has built its own style, which has been adopted by the other countries.

We wish good luck to the Nigerian Movie industry and hope the popularity of their films will only continue to grow and to spread.


Nigerian Nollywood is like a discovery for me and I acquainted with this notion thanks to this informative article above. Surprising that film directors use everyday life stories for their works, no bothering fantasy or action movies, just characters in which one can recognize his heighbour for example. When we speak about film shooting terms, we can realize that Nollywood produces many works and they gain popularity not only among Nigerian people. Watching Nigerian Nollywood film is in my list for today.

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For African viewers the main thing that ended the indispensable happy ending. Famous movie Director nollywood celebrities Sylvester Obadiah on this occasion said: "If the movie's good ending, and it will not look - we have our life difficult ".

In Nigeria there's virtually no theatrical release, films are released on DVD, which are sold on the giant video market in Lagos. The Alaba market, the largest wholesale market of the Nigerian capital, where to buy video cassettes and CDs with movies.

As for the whole of Africa, the influence of nollywood movies is so great that in some countries, for example, in neighboring Ghana, authorities are trying to fight even with film Nigeria by force. The police are constantly conducting raids on shops selling nollywood movies.

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