Why they say that Ibinabo Fiberesima is a liar?

Who is the new AGN president and why Ibinabo Fiberesime is deemed to be a liar? Get the top Nollywood news now.

It is rumored that Ibinabo Fiberesime waits for jail term. Known Nollywood actress and AGN president star was accused for murder of one young doctor earlier. He died as a result of a car accident.  As it appeared, it has been carefully hidden. The actress has hurried to leave a crime scene. However, people have learned the truth. Now many of them call the actress a liar.

Ibinabo Fiberesima is a liar

Died doctor was one of the best professionals in the sphere of psychiatry. His sister especially is sorry about the loss. The woman even hasn't managed to say goodbye to the victim. They say that she threatened the criminal and wanted to kill her. But these are probably just rumors. Anyway, she considers that a fine punishment is too gentle for the actress. The desperate woman demands that Ibinabo Fiberesima has ended up behind the bars.

 Ibinabo Fiberesima

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The verdict in court of Lagos was pronounced to her in winter 2016. She had to be imprisoned for 5 years. However, she has decided to appeal against this sentence. Then process has stopped, because of the fact that the girl wasn't in the country. Later she asked to return a judgment of World court, which demanded from her fine of N100.000. Case of murder was postponed. However, now it has renewed.

 Ibinabo Fiberesima 2016

The president of actor’s community in Nigeria has ordered to give Fiberesima's place to Emeke Ike. He struggled against her for this position for many years. Now, when she was discharged of her president job, he will carry out her duties. The court has confirmed this verdict. On its sentence, the actor remains full AGN president.

The investigation of case of the actress proceeds. We will follow the developments.


Such bad people like this actress is very much, can this man would have stayed alive if she had not run away from the place pristupleniya and caused SCAR help, or what she tried to help. Such cases are now very much, and it's very scary that there are people without a soul, which is not sorry for the person who dies fault of their own. Of course it will, and so called, but it's not the worst punishment for her. Its all you need to be isolated from society, can the next time she was a child so leave. I do not understand these people.

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