Why Tribal Tattoos Are So Popular Among Nigerians?

I am 100% sure that you meet people with tribal tattoos everywhere. They are stylish, bright and hard not to notice. But what are these tribal tattoos and why are they so popular? You will learn about this from my article in just a few seconds.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have not lost their popularity ever since they were first invented. Celebrities brag about having them, young people long to get one. Not so long ago they were used by tribal people for several reasons. Each of the reasons is quite interesting, so let’s explore history behind of each one of them:

  1. First of all, tattoos showed which tribe certain person belonged to. Thus, when you met a person you did not know, you could easily identify him by having a look at tattoos on his body. Each tribe had its own peculiarities, and we will talk about them a bit later.
  2. The second reason for having tribal tattoos was severe wild living conditions. So tribal people used tattoos to camouflage from wild animals or even the enemy`s tribe. So these tribal drawings were used as a way to protect oneself from the possible danger in the wild.
  3. And the last reason for having tattoos was a medical issue. People believed that the effect from tattooing the body was close to that of acupuncture in certain cases. The process was the same except they added a pigment into the picture.

Tribal tattoo designs

Thus, tribal people had at least three reasons to tattoo their bodies with various tribal patterns.

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Specifics of tribal designs and patterns were individual for every tribe. Thus, specialists claim that one of the most popular styles is Polynesian one. Its specifics lay in the way these tribes saw animals. They communicated their feelings and thoughts through depicting animals like turtles, lizards, shell-fish and crocodiles. So if you had a look at a Polynesian-style tattoo, you would be able to get to know a certain person better through “reading” pictures on his body. Among other popular styles are Haida, Maori and Borneo patterns. They were inspired by animals living in the areas inhabited by tribal people. Thus, Haida tattoos originating from the West coast of America was famous for depicting beavers and bears as a symbol of strength; meanwhile, tribes that inhabited east coasts of Africa chose animals like snakes, lizards and shell-fish as a symbol of wealth and power. So styles and content of these tattoos were different depending on the area tattoos were made at.

Tribal Tattoo on the Shoulder

Nowadays more and more people consider getting a tattoo for various reasons. Most of them claim that having a tattoo makes them look rebellious; others believe that this way they will look sexy. Official statistics proves that a great number of people think that with a tattoo they look more intelligent. However, whatever the reasons are, people still rank the tribal tattoos as of the most popular ones. They depict a certain meaning and look mysterious. Getting a tattoo that looks unusual or even dangerous is something that most men look for when going to a tattoo parlor. Even teenagers tend to choose extraordinary tattoos despite the possible superstitious attitude of their parents.

Tribal Tattoo on a Back

Finally, check out the most popular designs of tribal tattoos from all around the globe. If you worry about the hidden meaning behind a certain picture, you can consult a specialist at a parlor to explain its origin. We highly recommend you to think twice before making this huge decision and then think one more time while choosing the design for it.

Tribal Designs on the Shoulders


Нere are some facts that are learned Western scholars with the help of numerous surveys. For example, on average three out of ten tattooed believe that a tattoo makes them sexier emancipation. While slightly less than half of people without tattoos, I think that tattooed people are less attractive than people without tattoos. Interestingly, most people (84%) do not regret a tattoo. Of those 16% who subsequently regrets, 20% believe that they were "young and stupid", and another 20% are disappointed, because the tattoo will last a lifetime.

The majority of respondents stated that they do not feel any internal changes, making tattoo. They were not healthier or smarter. However, 36% of tattooed people still recognized that the realization that they have tattoos, have made them more rebellious, less dependent on public opinion. Every fifth Respondent is sure that the tattoo makes it more attractive and stronger. Despite the ambiguous attitude of society in General to tattoos, their popularity has been increasing recently and most of the people who made the tattoo, happy with my choice.

What conclusions can we draw? Tattoo allows You to feel more confident, stronger, more attractive, freer. This feeling remained with you always, you need a very responsible approach to the choice of tattoo, the correct way is the only way to stay out of those 16% that you regret about your choice. That's why tattoos are very popular!

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