Will the story of Olajumoke the bread seller girl repeat again in Nigeria?

Is it possible for the fairy tale to happen again in Nigeria? Would there be another hawker into a model change? Find out more.

The story of Olajumoke got in the news in and out of Nigeria. Her story is truly inspiring. From a poor and uneducated bread seller and hawker on Lagos streets in no time the girl has turned into a super model. Can the story repeat?

ciara discovery in nigeria

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American singer Ciara has recently visited Nigeria doing a concert there and on her way to the airport she has taken a shot of another street hawker in Lagos. This girl gracefully carried some veggies on a tray on her head. Ciara laid out the photo in Instagram. The news spread fast in social media. A great number of fans of the singer share and like her content including the photo of this lucky girl. She has also tagged it as: “Beautiful and Talented”.

ciara hawker lagos instagram

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Presently Olajumoke has gotten several lucrative contracts with modeling agencies, she is on the top ads of the country and her family has got all and even more than it needs to survive and live happy life.

olajumoke bread seller

Since Olajumoke Orisaguna has become famous after just one shot of TY Bello, is it possible that this girl’s destiny is also to change for better? Follow Nigerian news and share your opinion on the story. 

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