Wizkid news: why did not they let him into the UK?

Why Wizkid could not go to perform at the UK concert? Learn the news now.

Wizkid news

This guy has become a real celebrity known around the globe. However, UK authorities did not let him in the UK for some reason. Find out what Wizkid missed there.

Why Wizkid did not go to UK?

The man was invited to Wireless Music Festival and had to perform there on the second day of the event. Some of the other stars who had to be on the same stage with him were The 1975, 99 Souls, Calvin Harris, DJ Charlesy.

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However, the singer did not obtain the visa to go and fulfill his obligations. In the past foreign customers of the musician blamed him in not showing up for the concerts. Such occasions were conditioned by the fake Wizkid. The woman who contacted them and presented herself as Wizkid.

She took the money and never showed up, while the real singer had no idea he had concerts to do. This time the organizers cannot pick on him for not coming, as their country did not let the star in. Hopefully, this would not ruin his reputation.

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