World poetry day 2016 – Who are the 5 five best Nigerian poets?

Love poetry or never really liked it? In any case you have great chance to open up a new world of beauty with the World poetry day 2016.

World poetry day is a rather romantic event. It’s another reason to get a good book in your hands and ready some poetry. It’s a good chance to read or text some love poetry to your wife or your significant one. So, when is this day and who are the prominent Nigerian poets?

 5 five best Nigerian poets?

When is World poetry day 2016?

The good news is it is today – March 21, 2016. But if you are reading this article on any other day, no big deal. Any day is good for reading some of the best poetry! This special day was established by UNESCO, as this organization values poetry as an essential part of any culture. The first World poetry day was established by UNESCO back in 1999.

Who are the 5 five best Nigerian poets

What to do on World poetry day – list of activities

How do you celebrate a day that like? Here is a list of fun activities:

Who are the best Nigerian poets?

  • Read some poetry
    Obvious, right? Well, read the one you never heard of. Browse internet to find new authors and become even more educated. Science educates the mind, but poetry educates the soul.
  • Teach some poetry
    Teach it to your kids, your friends or relations. Good poetry makes the world better. Find a good comedy piece or some lyrics to make your loved ones smile or shed a tear.
  • Write some poetry
    Even if you have never done it, it’s never too late to start. Just start rhyming words and produce a piece of your very own poetry!
  • Go to a good coffee shop
    Coffee shops are so essential to poetry. Many poets used to gather in such cafes, read, write and share their masterpieces there. So, visit a place like that or turn your sitting room into a poetic coffee shop for the night!

     best Nigerian poets?

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5 best Nigerian poets of all times

Nigerian poetry is amazing. Of course, there is at least one name that comes to the heads of all Nigerians when they talk about poetry. Let’s start our list with this notable person:

  1. Wole Soyinka
    This man has become Nobel prize winner from Nigeria. He wrote many poems and plays, as well as books. He comes from Yoruba tribe. Woke is thought to be one of the most educated and wise Ngierians. His contribution to the culture and development of this country is immense.
    Wole Soyinka
  2. Olatubosun Oladapo
    Here is another Yoruba man, noted for his literally talents. He was born back in 1943 and writes folk poems in his native tongue.
    Olatubosun Oladapo
  3. Niyi Osundare
    He was born in Ekiti State in 1947. He has been an active member of community, promoting freedom and education among fellow Nigerians.
    Niyi Osundare
  4. Nana Asma’u
    This woman till this day remains highly revered by Nigerians. She was born in 1793 and passed away in 1964. She was a teacher and a poet, but she also was a princess.
    Nana Asma’u
  5. Philip Begho
    He was born in 1956 and won awards for his poems and novels. He is a full time writer and journalist.
    Philip Begho

See, Nigerian poetry has much to offer to a reader for the World poetry day 2016. Do not miss out on your opportunity to educate your soul.

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