Yoruba women vs. Calabar women: who are the most beautiful?

Getting ready to marry? Learn which ladies are the best: Yoruba women vs. Calabar women.

Yoruba women vs. Calabar women

Nigeria has millions of beautiful women. However, this country consists of many tribes with different types of looks and cultural background. So, which girls are more beautiful?

Yoruba women vs. Calabar women

Yorubas mainly live in the North and Southwestern of the country. This tribe is numerous and is one of the most potent in Nigeria. They say, Yorubas rule the Nollywood. As you may judge by the fair actresses there, Yoruba girls indeed are gorgeous.

Moreover, this tribe is considered to be one of the most educated in Nigeria. So, if the looks is not the only thing you consider when picking a date or a bride, this matters. Yoruba ladies are smart, their English is proper; they got much education and are ready to build careers and help their husbands to support the family.


However, in the rural areas you may still meet the girls with the tribal marks. That’s one of the major downsides.
Now how about the Calabar women? They mainly come from Calabar South, Calabar Municipality, Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Biase, Odukpani and Akamkpa. If Yorubas have a more solid and unified culture, people from this area are diverse. So, all the girls may come from a different background. That makes dating a bit harder.

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However, these women are hot and beautiful, too. Not so many of them get on the screen in movies. But their looks are worth noticing. Moreover, most of them are excellent cooks and they make obedient wives. Their style in clothes differs much from that of Yoruba. They use more color and their way of life is a bit simpler.

Now you know the difference and can pick for yourself. Share your opinion on Yoruba women vs. Calabar women and tells us which ones are the best.

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