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How Much Respect Do You Have For Nigerian Policemen?

This is what you see of Nigerian policemen on our roads:

About 10 or more of them standing idly on one spot at a place like mile 2 as early as 6am asking for fire extinguishers

Policemen wearing bathroom slippers with chewing stick in the mouth and an AK47 assault rifle on the shoulder.

Some of them in mufty have tattered clothes, the bullet proof vest comes in handy as a singlet. They even board public buses with bullet proof "shirts"

I just saw one outside now, obviously, he just had a meal. His belt had been let loose and he was picking his teeth; in public.

Picture a Los Angeles police department officer or a London metropolitan policeman. Good, now go outside and take a good look at that naija policeman with a 4 litre jerry can of petrol or the one hanging from a bus or that one queuing to buy roasted corn.

It's sad but these people don't command any sort of respect or inspire any feeling of security or confidence in me and many other people, if i'm permitted to speak for them.

Whatever you do, avoid them. They are very capable of spoiling your day even before it starts or

generally help you end  it on sour note.

Please share your experiences. i have loads of them.


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