5 Nigerian entrepreneurs under 30

Nigeria is not an easy place to build your business. However, these 5 people have managed to do it and became successful. Learn more about their lives and stories.

In Nigeria, it is difficult to become rich and successful. However, there are lots of talented people in this country, who have managed to go it. Some of them are old, but there're also young ones. You will probably be interested in getting to know about Nigerian entrepreneurs under 30.

Nigerian entrepreneurs under 30

You should know that young entrepreneurs in Nigeria are not a common case. You must be very hardworking to achieve something. Entrepreneurship might be described as process of creating new business. It might be a startup company, which offers special products. That means you need to have enough money to start as well as plenty of courage and self-confidence.

Features of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria

All the successful Nigerian entrepreneurs possess certain characteristics, which have helped them to reach the top. They include:

Nigerian entrepreneurs Creative thinking. For the prosperity of your company, the product you have decided to sell must be unique. Besides, it should be able to compete with other goods in the segment. Otherwise, it will lead to the crash or absence of development.

Adaptive. You must be always ready to change your business. You may introduce some new technologies or strategies in order to make the production or sells better.

Competitive spirit. If you don't like competitions, forget about entrepreneurship. A good businessman understands, it's essential to have a competitor. It might be used as a motivation for further firm growth and development.

Confidence. It is obvious, and we have already mentioned it. To start a business you must be sure you are able to handle it. You should be always self-confident, even if something is not perfect from the very beginning.

5 Nigerian entrepreneurs Passion. It is vital for any startup. You must like what you do and be certain in future success. Positive thinking is essential in any situation. Get ready to fight for your business.

Vision. You should have an ability to predict what can happen in various situations and how different factors may affect your business. Set achievable goals and reach them.

Risk-taker. Try to calculate the risks and don't be afraid of them. They are always present in such sphere. You can even start doing something new or in the other way than all the rest.

Team player. You will never reach success if you're alone. You must have good friends nearby and be able to rely on them. Trust and help people. While you are working together, you are strong.

Communicator. It is important to be capable of talking to different people. Employees, share-holders, investors – they are all essential and you must speak to them effectively.

5 Nigerian entrepreneurs under 30Determination. Concrete aims must be created. When you have them, do appropriate research work and find ways to achieve them. You need to know what you want.

Innovator. Creativity is just one step. You should turn your ideas into real life, despite of the risks and uncertainty.

Management of money. If you can't do it, give everything up. Good entrepreneur are the best in this field. They can not only earn, but also spend money wisely.

Focused. It is vital to be concentrated on your business. Follow one goal until you get success in it.

Understanding failures. Mistakes are a part of development. Don't give up trying and working. Sometimes failure can help you in finding out some new information, which will later allow you to achieve more.

Pe5 entrepreneurs under 30rseverance. Keep working even if you aren't completely sure in the future. If you start, you must go until the end. Remain constant in your aims.

You may be sure that all the Nigerian entrepreneurs under 30 have such qualities. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to become so prominent.

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Young Nigerian entrepreneurs

Now let’s observe the list of billionaires in Nigeria. Consider the following ones:

  1. Affiong Williams. Affiong Williams. It might be hard to believe, but this woman is just 29 years old. She is a founder of Reelfruit. This fruit processing company appeared in 2012. They deal with processing, packaging, and branding quality products. Their first one was range of dried nuts and fruit snacks. You can find them all over Nigeria nowadays. This striking woman has managed to get several awards, including Women In Business Competition in the Netherlands as well as SME exhibition in Lagos. What she is currently trying to do is expanding her company into airline market. It would make it even more successful.
  2. Abiola Olaniran. Abiola Olaniran. This man is even younger than the previous entrepreneur is – 26 years old. He is both a founder and director of Gamsole (gaming company). It is situated in Lagos. It was also founded in 2012. Nowadays he is thought to be the highest paid Windows game developer in Nigeria. His company deals with mobile games as well. Their products have about 10 million downloads by now.
  3. Bankole Cardoso.Bankole Cardoso. He is one, who is always ready for changes. Being just 26 years old, he has become founding chief executive of online taxi hailing application, Easy Taxi Nigeria, an Internet-backed startup. Nowadays he is engaged in new project; however, he still cooperates with Easy Taxi. Besides, he claims that their application has managed to become extremely popular in both Lagos and Abuja.
  4. Emeka Akano. Emeka Akano. He is a very innovative businessman. Together with his partner Chinedu Onyeaso, they have created a match-making service, which is now useful for all the African entrepreneurs. It is called Founder2Be. It looks like online dating – all you need is just to click for having a deal. Besides, two of them also established web developing country, known as Entarado. They create effective applications and solutions for various business purposes.
  5. Ola Orekunrin. Ola Orekunrin. This is another woman in the list. She is not only a current managing director, but also a founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria Ltd. It is air ambulance service, which is situated in Lagos. In fact, this is the first company of such type in the whole West Africa. They provide people in need with helicopters, airplane ambulances, and other evacuation services. As a businesswoman claims, tragedy motivated her to create a firm. Her little sister died at the age of 12. She grew up in England and obtained proper medical education. She was the youngest to take the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath in Britain at the age of 21.

You see, these people a really successful. It's not always obligatory to get degree in finance or have lots of money. All you need to become the richest in Nigeria is working hard.

 entrepreneurs under 30It isn't easy to become sophisticated entrepreneur. Nevertheless, everyone has a chance to try. First of all, you must develop special qualities, which will be useful for your business development in the future. Remember that you need to talk to people and be ready for negotiations. There is no need to argue, all you must do is follow you plan ad achieve your goals.
It is better not to give up and accept your failures as important lessons. Try making use of them!

In Nigeria, there is large number of gifted people, who has managed to start their business. It's wonderful that more of them are young enough. It means that in future the economy of the country may get great development. So, don’t be scared and never miss the opportunity. You may become the next young billionaire!

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Hail Baphomet

Answered 10 months ago.

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to work hard, put a lot of effort and time. A successful entrepreneur is always the risk when making business decisions. It should also have some knowledge and continually improve them. It is nice that in Nigeria are young people under 30 who have achieved success in business. This shows their persistence, hard work and great knowledge, the ability to make correct decisions in time.

Answered 2 years ago.

Own a business dream and goal many people. Of coursse, cause evryone strive for financial indeppendence and prosperity. If properly build svoy business - it would be success! Itis believed that after opening its business - within next three years we willsee results - or companny will flourish & expand, or there will be income, & the commpany closes. But if you resist these first three yearrs, then will be steady income in humans, & there isno cause for concerrn. First of all, itis necessary write supergood business - plan from him in first place depende on all of following steps & actions.

Answered 2 years ago.

I trust, that the person is waited with success there where it likes its work. Now many think, that doctors - the best trade. Everyone act in medical university and the next 5 years suffer. I have not acted there and have chosen for myself a favourite trade - jurisprudence. I enjoy the work and I want, that my daughters have made also, as their mum. I trust, that if the person does that it does not like it in any case not Will reach there success.

And likely it indeed! Хо-хо....

Answered 2 years ago.

It's encouraging, that these young people have achieved success! Becoming entrepreneur - dream of people seeking financial independence. Own business offers many advantages, when compared employment. But business also involves great responsibility. But before you start business, it is desirable objectively assess their abilities and well thought out details of future business. Young entrepreneurs were able do this thanks to minds, dedication and creativity, they created business, and continue develop it. This is great example follow!

Answered 2 years ago.

The profession of entrepreneur has always been in demand. This is one of the most interesting professions. The fact that five of young interpreters from Nigeria managed to become successful people in this country already at the age until 30 years, tells us that while Nigeria is considered a third world country, it still has opportunities for development, increasing the financial prosperity of the country. Today to become successful in Nigeria is still not easy, but who said it was easy to do in other countries? To be successful, regardless of what country people stay, it needs a lot of work, a lot to do. I congratulate the translators from Nigeria!

Answered 2 years ago.

Young people who become entrepreneurs up to 30 years in Nigeria are very strong and smart. I seized them. I never thought that to become an entrepreneur must pass a difficult and long way before. Pyatero These people have managed to achieve such success overcoming many obstacles, great. After all, not everyone is as important for enterprise creation vpevnennist, determination, competitiveness, komandnist, positivity. Also great endurance and desire to achieve goals. Even many are beginning not everyone can doyty through.

Answered 2 years ago.
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