Aliko Dangote: he is no longer in the 100 richest people of the world!

What happened to Aliko Dangote’s net worth? Is he not one of the 100 richest men of the world?

Aliko Dangote

This man remains the richest one in Africa. However, the latest news is somewhat disturbing. He has Aliko Dangote has dropped out of the 100 richest people of our planet!

Why did Aliko Dangote become poorer?

In the March of 2016 his net worth amounted to over 15 billion US dollars or little over 3 trillion naira. Presently Dangote’s net worth has increased in naira, but decreased hugely in dollars. It amounts to 3.3 trillion naira, but only 11 billion US dollars.

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Aliko Dangote 2016

Surely, he still is the richest in the whole Africa, but the top 100 positions in the world is not an option for him now. He takes the 101 position in the Forbes list and such a situation is not caused by his actions. Naira crashed and it made him richer in the national Nigerian currency, but poorer in the dollars.

Hopefully naira gets stable and Dangote regains his position in the list of the richest of people.

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