Buy US dollars: what is the best place to do it?

Wish to buy some dollars in Nigeria? Find out how to do it safely and where to buy.

The problem to exchange naira to dollar is a significant one in Nigeria. Many a times scammers give people fake money bills or cheat on the exchange rate. Or, you get in danger if you come carrying much money on you to get the dollars from a stranger. So, what is the best place to buy US dollars in Nigeria?

Buy US dollars: what is the best place to do it

Buy US dollars online

That is the first option. At least you stay safe and would not suffer during some robbery. That is a good thing about online currency exchangers. One of the services to use is http://bdc.naij.com/. People get online and offer what they have: some sell and some buy. It’s an easy way to get connected and get your business done.

Buy US dollars in nigeria

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Alade Market and Hausa Mallams

That is another destination. You can buy US dollars best rate there. Only people say that it is not a good idea to deal with the Yoruba traders. Even many Yoruba people say those guys are cheating. So, pick the native Hausa ones and go for it.

Buy US dollars in Lagos


A safe place to change naira to dollar is the Beureau De Changes. They have offices and you would not get cheated there. Although, some folks say the exchange rate is not what they want it to be there.

When is the best time to buy us dollars?

Buy US dollars what is the best place in Lagos

Well if you are planning on making some money on exchange rate, then buy when naira goes up and dollars go down. This way later on you can convert dollar to naira with profit, when the course changes and naira drops down a bit again.

As you see, there are many options to resort to. You can pick the one you like the best only watch out for the scammers and fakes. 


As for me, so it is best to buy dollars at exchange offices checked, because they can deceive many respects, and expensive to sell, or sell you a fake day. Before that must be approached with caution. I nakprimer change currency only in the bank, even there the percentage higher, but at least I'm sure that I'll get such money as it should. Because if you want to earn only a few times more, you can even potkryat all that you have. So it is better not to risk it. Thanks for the article, can be a lot of people will no longer make such mistakes.

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