Government’s job website crashes after a massive applicants' visit

N-Power provides new job offers for Nigerians. In the same time, that reported website www.portal.npower.gov.ng responsible for applications crashed on a launch day. How Federal Government reacted


What else should be expected from the government national program on giving a half of million teachers possibilities of sending applications online? Unfortunately, day 1 for www.portal.npower.gov.ng was not so lucky. It started on the evening of Sunday when every teacher prepared to give full information about the working experience. On the launch day on 12 June, the website did not manage to stay up for a long time.

 Error occurred

Error occured

The potential teacher who didn`t manage to sign up for federal government jobs website had to witness the Error message. Supposedly, the error provides some excuses for the page which is currently is unavailable. Also, it asked visitors to try job chances later. If the problem continued to occur, the user might need to wait longer as system administrator might have unseen details of an error log.

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What happened next?

Afolabi Imoukhede

Despite the problem occurrence, the N-Power, claims that more than 400 000 job seekers successfully applied for the website. Mr. Afolabi Imoukhede, the President`s Assistant and responsible for this project, claims that the Federal Government is impressed by the flow of applicants on the website. He admitted that this quantity of applicants N-Power managed to receive in 36 hours which is quite impressive.

What is expected

Laolu Akande

Mr. Laolu Akande, the representative of Vice-President, admitted that the launch of the  www.portal.npower.gov.ng was a success. The Government is planning to continue their program of providing jobs to the population. The new projects launching continues with N-power Knowledge to train more than 20 000 citizens specialized in technology. N-Power Build which will be specialized in utilities, construction, gas services, hospitality – this program will train more than 70 000 citizens for the tasks. The government will continue implementing new technologies in training programs and providing job offers to the citizens of Nigeria.

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