Has Forbes rated Aliko Dangote the richest black man alive?

Is Aliko Dangote richer than Oprah Winfrey? Find out now who is the richest black man alive.

In 2016 Forbes stated that Aliko Dangote is richer than such famous and rich people as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Roman Abramovich! In fact, he has become the richest black man alive on our globe! Last year this Nigerian billionaire has lost significant amounts of money. Let’s find out why he still remains the richest.

Aliko Dangote the richest black man alive

How much did Aliko Dangote lost?How much did Aliko Dangote lost?

It is reported this wealthy person has decreased his net worth by over 300 million US dollars, which makes over N3 trillion!

Nonetheless, such a significant loss (some reported he lost over 7 billion dollars), his current net worth is impressive.

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Aliko Dangote 2016 net worth according to Forbes

If you look up the current situation on Forbes, you would find that Dangote takes the 51 rating among the billionaires of the world for 2016. He is number one both in Nigeria and in Africa. And he stands of the 71 position among the most powerful people of the world (2015).

 most powerful people of the world

The man’s age is 58 and he is married. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Despite the bad luck Dangote Cement started new business in Cameroon, Zambia and other African countries last year. Even if you were to add all the fortunes of Oprah (6+ billion), Abramovich (7+ billion) and Trump (4+ billion), Aliko Dangote would 13be on the level with them.

Aliko Dangote’s Wife & Children

Nigeria has become the promised land for other world black billionaires, such as Rabiu, Femi Otedola and Mike Adenuga, but none of them can match the net worth of Dangote and the scale of his business. 


As a trader, Dangote was focused on "simple product" - corn, beans, coffee, oil, gas, cement — all those resources for which demand is almost independent from the conjuncture: because people will always need food and a roof over my head. And when he made the decision to diversify investments, the solution came by itself: we need to invest in food. In 80-ies Dangote, one after another bought up a sugar factory in the country and in a few years has become one of the main producers of sugar in Nigeria. And, more importantly, he found ways to sell products, becoming a major supplier to the Nigerian soft drink producer. Then added to the sugar salt and flour production. A few years later, Dangote decided to not only engage the food industry.

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