Has fuel price rise caused a new Occupy Nigeria protest in the country?

What is the cause of the fuel price rise and what does OccupyNigeria stand for? Find out now.

It has all started back in 2012, when the government of Jonathan Goodluck canceled fuel subsidy. Such a step opened up the path for rapid fuel price rise and laid a foundation to the present day fuel crises.

What is #occupynigeria?

What is #occupynigeria?

Well, this is a hash tag used on Twitter along with others, such as #fuelsubsidy and #145naira. It raised the buzz about the problem and allowed many Nigerians to speak out their minds openly on social media.


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The fuel price rise in Nigeria

When fuel subsidy was canceled fuel price rose to N145. This has caused havoc in small business as well as introduced new challenges of survival for regular Nigerians. Many people feel highly frustrated about the whole situation. They struggled much during these months from the shortage of petrol.

protest in the country

Mr. Kachikwu, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, announced about the new fuel price rise, but he promised it would not go over N145. He also promised that the fuel scarcity would be soon ended. This decision is tough, but it is a must for the current day economical situation. That is how the government views with whole story. They believe that eventually fuel price should be regulated by the market and not by the government. That is the ultimate goal of all such manipulations and it is good, but mean while it has many negative impacts on the population.

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