HUNGER: What is a new rice smugglers' method to beat security checks?

What is the new method of rice smugglers to hide their goods and take is through customs? How many criminals have been detained during security checks? Read the article to learn the latest news about rice smugglers in Nigeria.

Smugglers definition

Smugglers definition – social security checks direct deposit

Rice smugglers have developed a new method of import having packed goods into a corpse form. Smugglers have wrapped up rice bags as a corpse and have smuggled them in the ambulance car. Confirming recent news, Mr. Selechang Taupyen, the Spokesperson of Nigeria Customs Service, Seme Command, has told that public services have taken 11 bags of the imported rice, which is wrapped up as corpses. Taupyen has told that smugglers used the ambulance car for doing of the actions to deceive nothing suspecting officials. He has also confirmed that certain Moses Degbogbahun has been arrested during security checks. He said ‘the smugglers have hidden rice bags in the Volvo ambulance car with Reg.

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DV 74 EKY and he was arrested in the field of Aradagun Badagry. Mobile patrol team led by Chief Superintendent of Customs M. Ozah has noticed the frequent movement of the ambulance car and it has caused curiosity of law-enforcement team. The vehicle has been stopped for appropriate examination. During examination, 11 bags of the imported rice have been found, and they have been carefully packed and wrapped up as a corpse. The suspect still is exposed to investigation for possible adjudgement’. Taupyen has asked smugglers to refrain from such habit, having added that all tricks of smuggling along borders won't remain undetected by officials and men on patrol: ‘Social security check your claim status. All illegal actions will be pursued by the law’.


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