Is Nigeria underdeveloped or developing?

Nigeria is a special country with lots of advantages and disadvantages. But how do people live here? Is Nigeria underdeveloped or developing? Will the life become better?

The economists all around the world discuss this topic every year. Is nigeria underdeveloped or developing? Nigeria has a huge potential. But there are lots of industries and spheres that government should work on. People have no plans. They don’t believe they can have happy, bright future.

poverty in Nigeria

The biggest problem in country is poverty. More than 500,000 unemployed university graduates and 60% of people living below the poverty line. But has the government done something yet? Is Nigeria trying to lift out of poverty? Here are the answers.

Is Nigeria so underdeveloped?

Well there is some debate as to whether Nigeria static, underdeveloped or developing country. But what should we compare with? European countries with developing economy? Other countries in Africa? We can say that the economic environment in Nigeria is almost the same with the other countries in the fast developing Sub-Saharan region. The GDP of Nigeria is slightly higher than of other countries within that area. But people do not feel it much. The education level is low and they are still poor.

why Nigeria is underdeveloped

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Reasons why Nigeria is underdeveloped

Although Nigeria tries to revise its methods for GDP estimation the ideas and systems they use are not always useful and successful. Now Nigeria is really underdeveloped. People are poor, unemployed, education system doesn’t work properly, medicine is not on a high level and economy is developing slowly. A lot of children do not go to school, have no books or even toys. The living conditions are extremely difficult in Nigeria.

Developing nation

business in Nigeria

But According to the Nigerian government 2016 budget will lift millions of people out of poverty. There are six focal areas of social intervention that should change the situation in the country:

  1. University graduates are going to be trained as teachers.
  2. 370,000 unemployed with National Diploma and Technical Certificate will get a job.
  3. 1 million people (market women, traders and artisans) will be trained and given some loans through their cooperatives.
  4. Primary schools get One-Meal-A-Day Program.
  5. Helping the most vulnerable Nigerians.
  6. Resume work on abandoned infrastructural projects which can be extremely profitable.

school in Nigeria

Nigerian people believe that their country can become successful and developing. The economists discuss, the government makes their plans but people have to live their lives. Let’s hope all the plans and dreams about the developing nation will come true. But what do you think? Is Nigeria static, developing or retrogressing? 

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