Nickel deposit is discovered in northern Nigeria?

In what city a new deposit of 90-percent nickel was found in Nigeria? What are purposes of the government about this discovery and when will they tell all details on the conference? Read the article to learn the latest news about this great find.

New nickel deposit in northern Nigeria

New nickel deposit in northern Nigeria

According to some information, the private syndicate of mining industry is headed by Hugh Morgan, the veteran of the mining industry. It has been told that he has found a nickel deposit in the city in the north, which is more than in hundred kilometers from the capital of the country. Dangoma is a small agricultural society in northern part of Nigeria in the Kaduna state.

The news provided by Australian service of information about daily events within the country, have spread rumors that raw materials are estimated as 90 percent nickel or even more. It has potential to win first place in the world on quality of raw materials and to be widely adopted.

Nickel is a chemical element having Ni symbol in the periodic table and atomic number 28. It is a silver-white shiny metal with little gold shade. Nickel belongs to category of solid metals, but despite it, it is very pliable. Nickel is slowly oxidized at the room temperature and is considered the one having permanent corrosion. Historically, nickel was used for metallization of iron and copper, the equipment for chemical covering and production of certain alloys, which keep high silvery gloss, such as German silver.

northern part of Nigeria

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‘Nickel spheres which, by hearsay, have been estimated even more than 90 percent nickel were found recently. They can receive wide world distribution. Owners can resort to the inexpensive procedure of shielding to finance full assessment of find, around which the huge research sensation has risen.’

However, details of opening are unknown in fullest. According to Australian domestic news, they have reported that ‘opening is unusual because nickel is concentrated in small spheres of 3 mm in the diameter. It is in the conditions of high purity in small soils. It suggests to us that there are nickel deposits in Nigeria on this territory, which is much bigger than all existing areas nowadays. Morgan has in turn told that Nigerian government will make the official announcement. The formal announcement will probably appear in several days and will be made by the minister of Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi who will act among other speakers in the three-day conference under the name Africa Down Under in Perth's Pan Pacific hotel, Australia, in September. Mr. Fayemi has to speak at first on Wednesday, September 7 while Mr. Morgan will follow him along with the geologist-consultant.’ – Louisa Lawrance said.

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