Niger Delta Avengers blow up another oil trunk line in Batan

Where did the latest Niger Delta Avengers attack take place? Has the group confirmed their participation in explosions? Read the article to learn the latest news about new oil crime.

niger delta avengers news

Niger Delta Avengers news

Fighters attacked oil pipeline of national oil company of Nigeria (NNPC) – Reuters reports with reference to local authorities. Two explosions have thundered on one of objects on the suburb of Warri city, the pipeline has been damaged and there was a leak of ‘black gold’.

'This morning some workers of PPMC with security service were on the place of Niger delta avengers’ latest attack. Everything that we could see is a huge spot of oil on river surface' – the head of municipality of Warri, Ogogo Dixon has declared. The source in security service of PPMC has reported that explosions have thundered also in the neighboring city Batan. Any group hasn't taken the responsibility for the event yet.

Niger Delta Avengers by e-mail have reported Reuters that they aren't involved in new attack. In June, the government of Nigeria has declared that it conducts negotiations with fighters and leaders of communities in attempt to stop attacks on oil and gas infrastructure of the country. The Ceasefire Agreement has been reached, but later Avengers have reported that they don't remember the truce concluded with the government.

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Nigeria possesses the second largest proved oil reserves in Africa. However, it extracts only 2% of the universal volume of resource. All oil and gas infrastructure of the country is generally concentrated near delta of the river Niger, which is the center of the conflicts. Local groups, seeking to be enriched and get a part of the income from oil production, often attack oil infrastructure, forcing the companies to declare force majeure on deliveries of materials.

Because of numerous attacks to oil objects of various world companies, Nigeria has reduced oil production in May to 1.4 million barrels a day. While the minister of oil Emmanuel Kachikwu promised to increase the average level of production this year to 2.3-2.5 million barrels. At the end of the last month, it became clear that oil production in Nigeria comes back to normal level of 1.7-1.9 million. And now new attacks begin.

niger delta latest attack

Group of former fighters 'Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta' late at night on Sunday has declared the desire to take part in negotiations with the government and has offered former commander Mr. Ekpemopolo famous as Tompolo, who disappears from justice now, as the intermediary.

The present wave of Niger delta avengers attack has begun shortly after warrant for arrest of Tompolo, who is accused of corruption. He has rejected charges and any participation in recent attacks. 'Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta' has reported that it would be counterproductive if the government ignores the person who is able to speak with fighters about ceasefire, and has urged to dismiss the charges against Tompolo. Meanwhile, the source in the government has told that there is no official request from the movement.

Tompolo was a commander in various guerrilla groups, which supported the termination of operation by federal government and the international oil companies of delta of Niger, within many years. In 2009, he was amnestied and joined the government for safety in the region and implementation of projects of development.

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