Nigeria vs South Africa – which economy is the strongest?

Is Nigeria and South Africa friends or rivals? Get the answer now.

Nigeria and South Africa are two states on the continent, which have been rivals for quite long time. Who is the best? And what are their attitudes to each other? Let’s find the answers.

Nigeria vs South Africa

South Africans’ opinion about Nigerians

Everyone knows that the relations between these nations are not very good. There are several reasons for it, which are as follows:

Africans’ opinion about Nigerians

  • Nigerians are thought to be overconfident and arrogant.
  • Various Internet scams are connected with Nigeria, even if the source of hacking or fraud is unknown.
  • Organized crime is always associated with Nigeria, including drug lords and prostitution.
  • The death of more than 100 people after the church collapse in Lagos (the majority of them were South Africans). They are sure that the reaction of the government was too slow.
  • A deadlock between South African MTN and Nigerian government after the fine of $5 billion imposed by Nigeria.
  • Visa restrictions.
     opinion about Nigerians

Some guys are also sure that Nigerian men take South African girls from their boyfriends. However, the key reason of hatred is probably that they are too afraid to lose their leading position on the continent.

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Nigerians’ opinion about South Africans

Nigerians’ opinion about South Africans

Well, these guys think a bit better about their neighbors. First, they see South Africa as a nice place for having rest (especially when the US and the UK refuse to give you a visa). Nigerians also say that the roads in the country are just perfect. Besides, it is the state, which is considered the closest to the West.

Nevertheless, they understand that South Africans do not like them. They suppose it is because of their ability to draw instant attention, the recent economic success and by handsome and charismatic men.

Nigerians’ opinion about South Africans

Nigeria vs South Africa economy

Now let’s compare the economic data of two countries and say, who is the leader on the continent by now:

Nigeria vs South Africa economy

Economic factors


South Africa


$569 billion

$350 billion

Number of millionaires

9,000 people

23,500 people


85% attend primary school

Everyone receives primary education

Life duration (an average)

52 years

57 years


178 million

54 million

You see that South Africa wins the competition by now. However, Nigeria has already become the biggest economy with its $569 billion of GDP and the largest country by population. But it should still work to become number one.

Nigeria vs South Africa

Recently, the relations between two nations have become much better. According to the recent reports, the meeting between the heads of two states took place in Nigeria. Both presidents stressed that two greatest economies are able to cooperate.

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