Top ten richest men in Africa

Africa is a home to a large number of super rich people and even the poorest countries have few billionairs in them. Learn who they are now.

Africa has supplied 28 billionaires to the top list of the richest people of the world. Let us overview  the top ten richest men in Africa. They come from different states and regions. But first we will consider a number of general interesting facts about billionaires.

top 10 richest men in Africa

Facts on the richest people of the world: 

  • The overall net worth of the top ten African billionaires amounts to over $60 billion dollars
  • Presently there are 1826 tycoons in the world
  • They come from sixty six nations of the globe
  • In 2015 there are almost 300 new names in this list
  • The full net worth of all the billionaires amounts to over seven trillion USD dollars
  • Bill Gates tops the wealthiest people of the world roll and there are not so many countries richer than him
  • The top three states with the largest number of moneybags are – USA, China and UK
  • USA has over 600 billionaires living in it
  • Compared to 2014 in 2015 the number of billionaires increased almost by 200 people
  • Overall net worth of 10 top richest people in the world amounts to half a trillion US dollars

Now when you know these facts and figures, we can talk more about the top ten richest men in Africa:

10. Issad Rebrab
 Issad Rebrab Algeria

Net worth - $3.1 billion

Country – Algeria

This person is 71 years old. This business started small from a private accounting company. His first investment consisted of 20 percent of Sotecom construction firm. Twenty years later his has lost he most part of his belongings due to terrorist attack. He fled from the country but in 1998 he came back and founded Cevital.

It is one of the prime firms in Algeria. Even though Issad is number ten in Africa, he is the richest person in Algeria and takes 506 position in the global list of billionaires. He has also beaten another record – his Cevital enterprise has become the biggest sugar plant ever.

9. Isabel dos Santos
Isabel dos Santos Angola

Net worth - $3.3 billion

Country – Angola 

This lady is one of the richest women in Africa. She is the president’s offspring. She owns several companies operating in her homeland and in Portugal. She is number 8 in Africa and number 408 in the global rank.

The main supplier of her wealth comes from mobile, banking and oil and gas companies. She owns a large portion of the national Unitel mobile operator. Large part of her riches comes from her father.

8. Nathan Kirsh
Nathan Kirsh Swazi

Net worth - $3.9 billion

He is a Swazi and takes the first position in Swaziland for riches. His age is 83. In the global rank his position amongst billionaires is 435. He is a self-made person. His first significant source of income derived from the corn milling business he has founded in his homeland.

He owns various kinds of businesses, such as supermarkets, wholesale firms, insurance, etc. At one point of his life he got broke. Presently he has regained his wealth through Jetro Holdings, which is a large supplier of restaurants and hotels in New York.

7. Mike Adenuga
Mike Adenuga Nigeria

Net worth - $4 billion

This Yorubian comes from Nigeria. He is 62 years old and he is self-made. In Nigeria he is number two and in the world he is 393 by the size of his fortune. Adenuga owns Globacom, founded in 2003 with almost 30 million subscriber base in the country and outside of it. This company has become the second best on the continent. He has also established Conoil Producing – an oil company in Niger River delta.

6. Mohamed Mansour
Mohamed Mansour Egypt

Net worth - $4 billion

This person comes from Egypt. He is 67 years old. In the global list of billionaires he takes 418 position and he is number two in his own land.  He has founded Al-Mansour Automotive Company, which has the exclusive distribution right for GM products in Egypt.

During the latest revolution in Egypt his corporation had endured a severe blow, but it is slowly recovering now. Still, in 2015 he managed to enter the list of the 500 richest people in the world and change his position from 520 to 418.

5. Christoffel Wiese
Christoffel Wiese South Africa

Net worth - $6.3 billion

Christoffel is 73 years of age. He comes from South Africa and takes 3rd position by riches in that country and he is 225 in the world. He mainly works in the area of retail, selling consumer goods.

Shoprite is his main creation, which has started small with little over 100 000 USD investment and developed into a local retail monster with billions of income. It has over 32 thousand people on staff with the network.

4. Nassef Sawiris
Nassef Sawiris Egypt

Net worth - $6.3 billion

Here is our number one for Egypt. This billionaire is 54 years old. He has inherited Orascom Construction Industries from his father. This company is the highest price for its stock on the Stock market of Egypt. For three years Sawiris has been on the local Stock Exchange board of directors. He is the littlest of the three brothers in his household.

3. Nicky Oppenheimer
Nicky Oppenheimer South Africa

Net worth - $6.7 billion

This is our number two for the South Africa and number 201 globally. He is 70 years old and he is the Oppenheimer, who has sold out the family possession of the De Beers stake. His grandfather has been the first one to be on the board of this company and that is how the family has made its fortune.

He and his family have made a noteworthy input into the safeguarding and advance of South Africa culture and education. Even though Nicky was the board director of Anglo American for 37 years and run the De Beers, he was the one to say that diamonds are worthless and the only worth they have is nested in our hearts and minds.

2. Johann Rupert
Johann Rupert South Africa

Net worth - $7.4 billion

This billionaire is 65 years of age. He is our number one for South Africa and 179 in the world. Originally family’s wealth came from the tobacco manufacturing company established by Johann’s father. Later on Johann went to business and founded Compagnie Financiere Richemont – luxury goods company.

Interestingly enough this wealthy person has taken an entire year off to just rest and have fun. He loves old cars and has created a museum with his private pool of over 200 of them.

1. Aliko Dagnote
Aliko Dagnote Nigeria

Net worth - $15.7 billion

Now we know who is the richest man in Africa. This 58 year old Hausa Nigerian takes 67 position among the richest people of the world and he is number on in Nigeria and in Africa. He is self-made and his riches come from producing and refining various goods: sugar, cement, etc.

Just a year ago his fortune was larger by some 10 billion. However, oil price drop has had significant negative impacts on it. Still, he holds fast to his top position in Africa. His first small business was established in 1977. It was a trading firm. Presently his business interests embrace Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Obviously, the major income sources and the most lucrative African business are gas and oil, diamonds, telecom, banking and consumer goods. That is where these top ten richest men in Africa and their families have gained the most success. And, these are the areas of economics that deliver the highest national revenues for the African states. READ ALSO: Which is the richest LGA in Nigeria? 

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