What African country is the most corrupt?

What is the most corrupted country in Africa? What countries enter top 10 most corrupted African countries? You will be surprised to learn the answer, so keep reading!

corruption in Nigeria

Let’s start with the definition of corruption in general. Why is it so condemned by the public? Well, first of all, corruption is a state of mind when you value your own interests more than laws and trust of other people. Here is what the dictionary says about the corruption:
Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power (by heritage, education, marriage, election, appointment or whatever else) for private gain.”

Moreover, corruption is immoral. The Bible teaches: ““Do not extort money from anyone by threats or by false accusation, and be content with your wages.”

However, people constantly get arrested in the connection to corruption. It is a slippery road and many have chosen to take it. Official sources show top 10 most corrupted countries in Africa. Despite the high corruption rates in Nigeria, it did not get on the list of most corrupted countries in the world. This list was topped by Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan and Sudan.

Corruption in Africa

If talking about Africa, Nigeria is ranked as #3 most corrupted countries following Ghana and South Africa. This corruption level only indicates that governments and authorities fail to prevent or take measure to stop bribery and secret deals.

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When surveyed, citizens of Ghana stated that the level of corruption in their country increased within the last year claiming that entrepreneurs are the most corrupted. Even the official reports on African countries show that authorities are not trying their best in the fight against corruption and bribery. Thus, there is no transparency in politics, economics and foreign affairs.

corruption stop in nigeria

As Naij website informs, specialists conducted a special survey on the level of corruption and perception of the current situation by citizens of twenty-eight African countries. The survey took place in 2014-2015, and as a result the survey concluded that citizens of most of these countries believe that governments are not doing enough to conquer corruption.

More than a half of people who took part in the survey said that the corruption has increased within the last year and its level keeps growing. The highest levels of corruption are noticed in courts and police.

Interesting but sad is the fact that people with higher level of income are less likely to be demanded to give a bribe than people with lower incomes. However, answers to a question on the bribery in local service establishments showed that only one fifth of people using the service had to bribe the officer to have something done.

corruption in NIgeria stop

The issue of corruption is not only bad from the moral perspective. It is crucial for poorer Africans who do not have enough funds to bribe someone to have their interests protected in the court or illegal fine not to be issued by the police. Small businesses suffer while big industries prosper and bribe everyone to get their interested taken into account first.

All of the mentioned above creates the atmosphere where no initiative can be taken and no one feels safe enough unless he/she has enough money to bribe for everything.

The authorities of the independent committees on transparency encourage people to fight for their rights and principles of democracy to be respected. While wealthy citizens bribe to get something easily, others suffer from anti-sanitation, discrimination and poor living condition.

Thus, Transparency International Chairman, José Ugaz called for the governments to establish new goals for the current year. This goal should be eliminating corruption in all the African countries even if this means establishing new committees to control the transparency of political and financial affairs. It is especially crucial to those countries that rank among the top 10 most corrupted states.

anti-corruption in Nigeria

Nigeria, as a number 3 on this list, should start fighting against corruption right away instead of remaining silent and tolerating it. If Nigerians do not self-organize in one effort to fight against corruption, it will keep spreading like cancer.

Sadly enough corruption in Nigeria is recognized worldwide as a permanent problem. There are even cases when authorities misuse the funds officially without being arrested or persecuted. The presidential administration called this issue a national tragedy and said that corruption is one the biggest examples of how human rights can be neglected. So do not tolerate corruption and fight for your rights in all the lawful ways possible!

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