What are Fashola's ideas on power supply boosting?

How is Babatunde Fashola going to boost power supply? What did he say about recent Niger Delta Avengers attacks? Read the article to learn the latest details from interview of the minister.

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To make a step to steady and available continuous power supply, and also to resolve issues with current instability of system, the Federal government plans to increase gas storage in various parts of the country, especially in East region and Western Axis to guarantee delivery to petrol generating installations of electricity over all country. Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Power, Works and Housing has reported about it.

Fashola, who earlier answered questions after his performance during weekend, has told that process already continued in some parts of the country, adding that the idea consisted in guaranteeing more regular delivery of goods to plants, which produce more than 70 percent of electricity of the country. Power supply in Nigeria is carried out through power plants put in action with gas. In total on the territory, there are 23 gas stations from 26 existing. However recently they have been attacked by fighters in oil-extracting area in the delta of Niger.

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Answering questions during interactive interview, carried out with four participants of discussion, the minister has told that a certain progress is noticed. The government has improved process of essential reduction of debts, which they have got from government agencies. Debt Management Office has notified concerning intention of the government to undertake new direction while essential payments will be made before the end of the year. According to the Minister, the government also considers applications of some states for property of roads in some regions, for example, in Lagos. On the planning to increase gas storage in various parts of the country, Feshola has told that the success of enterprise is guaranteed, but will depend on Nigerians, who, according to him, have to take property for pipelines and treat them as to the general material property.

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The minister answered a question of what the Federal government did to protect gas pipelines. He has expressed alarm in the proceeding vandalism of oil pipelines in the region of delta of Niger. However, he doesn't understand why some citizens aren't interested in destiny of the enterprise constructed for their service. 'I don't know the country, which has to protect gas pipelines constructed for benefit of people'. The minister has also recalled that various departments and agencies of the government, including the Ministry of Defense, have been notified about this new intention, and hoped that the debt will be significantly lowered before the end of the year. He said that the power focuses efforts on new transmission line of Kaduna-Kano-Katsina-Calabar-Ikot Ekpene, saying that it will be complete this year.

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According to him, repair work on the destroyed transmission line of Ugwuanyi would be finished in August this year to add additional 1,000 MW to uniform power supply ratings. He added that from the point of view of system crash, which has happened recently, all problems were generally provoked by shortage of power supply for systems. Answering the questions of housing sector, Fashola reported that he finishes work on national housing design, which will reflect cultural preferences of various parts of the country. He noted that the government has to catalyze this process, giving such opportunities as the earth, roads and other enterprises of public service. Fashola added that in spite of the fact that the government bears responsibility for this process, the private sector shouldn't stay indifferent too.

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'We can create new mechanism of work to maintain stability. There are large amounts of money, which we don't spend any more. It will allow us to direct these sums for housing and power providing. It is a key factor for economic growth' – he said. Describing the dominating and regressing practice of collection of rent, Fashola said that such practice never brought benefit to society and country as the people paying rents receive the salaries in debt. He has added that the situation would increase corruption. Concerning whether it is possible for the government to build houses for each citizen, the minister reported that it is possible and can adjust birth rate level among families. Describing a subject about fixing, the minister has given an example of what occurs now in the delta of Niger where Nigerians destroy the enterprises of public service constructed for civil use. He added that to fix the country successfully, Nigerians have to lift themselves culturally and to be capable of support of the enterprises of public service instead of expressing anger every time when problems occur.

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