What are infant industries?

Wonder what awaits Nigeria and its industries? Learn more about the inant industries, their protection and possible development.

The creation of new things and the introduction of new products have been gradual. But some inventions required a careful approach and appropriate time. When new material received, the production’s development stepped forward for several miles. What are infant industries? This concept contains the definition of the industries that developed faster than others did. The branches that are relatively new but highly developing, called “infant industries”. Such industry came into sight earlier than others come, revealed the most effective example of the growth and development.

infant industries

What are infant industriesWhat applies to new industries?

New fields include:

  • automobiles construction,
  • manufacture of plastics and products from it,
  • melting of aluminum and its products etc.

The most striking example of a new branch

What are infant industries 7The most spectacular example of new area development can be considered as automobiles construction field. Despite the fact that it appeared in 1885, now cars have undergone many changes. This industry improves constantly and is the one of the key ones worldwide. Just take a look at the examples of vehicles that were available at the beginning of their path. Then see those cars on our roads today.
 It is hardly believed that the industry has changed so much in such a short time!

In 1885, Benz offered a model of three-wheeled vehicle to the public according to their designs. Driving the car was not so difficult – there were two levers, a cabin, more similar to the ones used in carriages, and the driver's seat, resembling a bicycle's one.What are infant industries 11

Ever since a model of wheelchair with the engine was presented, business quickly climbed up the hill. There were cars with two-stage gearbox. The first four-wheel vehicles were produced in 1892. They were much more similar to the modern models.

Starting speed of vehicle was 19 kilometers per hour. Compare this with the current speeds! Production of four-cylinder engine cars gave a new round of business. The company's went up the hill. The prototype of the modern car, named after the daughter of the founder (Mercedes), was launched in production in 1900. Since then, all the cars produced were called that way. Only new modifications occurred. It is surprising that those cars that were created at the beginning, during 1904-1905, even now do not look like a relic of the past. Most of all, they resemble small cars for golf with a roof-tent.

What are infant industries 9Later the France took the initiative in the production of cars. Talented engineers of that time created amazing machines and improved them. And once, in 1905, there was a new, progressive model presented. For its time, it really was a breakthrough in cars construction.
It had the engine of 8 horsepower! Exactly then, the famous car brand named Renault was born. The creator, Louis Renault, was not afraid to take a chance and eventually hit the jackpot! His car was an unbelievably huge success at the show in 1907.

What are infant industries 8Development continued inexorably. Already in 1911, the car was produced that was capable for speeds of 126 km per hour! This was a huge achievement in performance. It was just over the roof! This car was presented by the British manufacturer. Then the first model of now legendary Rolls-Royce came out, which was a dream of every motorist.

Interestingly that all of the brands, originated then, are not only popular today. They are literally Maîtres of the present days. The advertising was born during that time, which has promoted the car as not a luxury but just a mean of transportation. A slogan that is still famous.

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Other innovative sectors

As for the other infant industries, we may point at the manufacturing of plastic and aluminum. These light materials, suitable to various changes, were taken immediately to the turnover.

What are infant industries 1Plastic appeared before the cars – in the middle of the XIX century, in 1855. The invention has been represented in London in 1862. Originally, it was intended to manufacture it using natural ingredients, such as resins. Later, usage of rubber, collagen and others similar was considered as more advisable.
 The next step was the promotion of production of plastic on a fully new level.What are infant industries 12

The first plastics were called "artificial ivory". The company producing the plastic first (product named “Parkezin”), had a monopoly. Then it went bankrupt due to poor product’ quality. As a result, production was established by former employees of the company in their own private firms.

Plastic gradually replaced the various parts that were previously made only of metal or wood. It turned out that it is not a subject to corrosion, as well as it is much lighter. Moreover, it does not damaged by the parasites. Development and research led to the heat-resistant plastic. This created many types for a variety of purposes.

RoWhat are infant industries 13ughly, the same thing happened with aluminum. The ore containing aluminum was discovered in 1821. This material was presented as extremely light yet strong enough. Now we find aluminum items in our households (e.g. dishes), as well as in mass production. Interestingly, pure aluminum does not exist in nature. It received only by engagement of chemical processes and electricity. Aluminum is known in the industry for only half a century, but its history delights.

Initially, this metal was used as a precious metal. It equated to silver – shine, lightness and the price were impressive. Aluminium was a material for expensive home furnishings and decorations. Over time, technologies for its extraction from oxides became hugely more productive and cheaper. So, it turned much less costly and now it is suitable for many areas. In parallel with the spread and expansion of the use, metal and chemical industries were improved.

What are infant industries 14Aluminum is used in the production of cars also. It is a vivid example of the interaction between different industries. Some of the details and processes have not changed since. They are so perfect that do not require any modifications.


Since the middle of the XIX century, impressive and important findings were made all over the globe. Hard to say what it is – luck or focusing of people’s minds or influence of time. 

In any case, this pair of centuries has given us a real revolution in the various industries. Cars, chemicals, aluminum and plastic – they all are significant part of modern life. It is difficult to imagine what life would be without the manufactures’ achievements. And what huge number of products in our life we wouldn’t be familiar with without these discoveries.

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Also, exist developing other industries in Nigeria. Increase in urban population of Nigeria has stimulated development of various sectors of food industry. Significant part of products produced vegetable oil, breweries and tobacco companies. Oil mills, that produce palm oil, located in south of country. Of remaining sectors of food industry are developing successfully flour, confectionery, meat and milk production. Country's largest flour mill works in Lagos. It processed American and Canadian wheat.

Answered 2 years ago.

So really looking at examples of vehicles that were at the beginning of production, it is impossible to believe that the industry has changed a lot in a short period of time. Each year, improving production and quality vehicles. Interesting information about aluminum is that it was used for jewelry, it was considered a precious metal. Nigerians capable and smart people. Today, many different materials and technologies helping to implement innovation. And still it was much harder and took a lot of effort. Even now, take for example a computer or calculator to do calculations or drawing diagrams. And our ancestors all the calculations and charts done manually on paper.

Answered 2 years ago.

New branches of industry necessary for each developing country, including Nigeria. It is clear that to date, Nigeria still belongs to the third world, but in this country already have plenty of Finance opportunities for higher earnings, greater enrichment of the population. In Nigeria currently invest a lot of foreign investments, particularly investments from the United States and Great Britain. All this, can improve (and will improve) the economic system of Nigeria, from the industry to the leisure and tourism.

Answered 2 years ago.
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