What are latest fuel prices in Nigeria?

Have you seen the fuel prices in Nigeria? The price of petroleum affects the whole world! What is happening in Nigeria right now? What will happen next? Find out here!

Nigeria gas station

Nigeria is a rich country. It has a lot of petroleum, so fuel is the main export product of the country.

The price of petroleum affects the whole world. The other countries are trying to find alternative type of combustible, because the petrol is not endless and when the reserves dry out, the cars, planes, plants, factories and a lot of other machines will stop. The world will stop.

fuel disaster

Finding the alternative fuel is the main task for all the world scientists now. The problems in the politic and economic sphere affect petrol industry, so the fuel prices. The Niger Delta Avengers explode and destroy the oil pipelines, claiming that this industry must disappear as soon as possible.

People in Nigeria do not feel oil price increasing (thus fuel prices increase). Their main export product becomes more and more expensive, however the poverty level is becoming higher but not lower. Also the environmental situation in the country is getting worse. People are suffering from dirty land and water, forests and rivers destroying. Some regions and states have become unbelievably polluted, so people can barely live there.

fuel pump

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That’s why so angry alliances like Niger Delta Avengers appear. Their actions affect the price of the fuel.

However, not only that. The alliance also affects the whole economic situation of the country. For example, the flights of some international airlines were cancelled in Nigeria. The reason is the lack of fuel and the debts for the tickets from the country. A lot of oil pipelines and platforms stopped working, so the fuel price rose up. There was also a few of it in the reserves.

Niger Delta Avengers claim that there is nothing good in selling fuel or petrol for the simple people. They are only suffering from the pollution and economic disasters.

Fuel prices in Nigeria

fuel problem

Nowadays the fuel prices have reached the highest point. Nigeria Diesel price per liter (according to 27th of June 2016) is 0,75 U.S dollar. However, the average cost of diesel in other countries of the world is 0.87 U.S. Dollar. The price of petrol is 0.73 U.S. Dollar, but the average one in the world is 1.00 U.S. Dollar. The fuel prices by state vary, but not much. It may seem that it’s cool that our prices are lower, but what about our salaries? Are they on the same level with the Europeans or Americans? Unfortunately, not.

 The situation in Nigeria is getting worse. People’s patience is ending so the government and Buhari should be ready for the great protests and strikes in the country.

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