What are the benefits of online advertising?

How to make money on ads? What benefits can you get from online advertising? What to start with? Clear guide and the latest news in the advertising market are already gathered here!

online advertising

Currently, the fastest growing segment of the advertising market is internet advertising or online advertising. Everyone, who is surfing Internet could not but notice it.

According to the latest quarterly forecast of ZenithOptimedia research agency, the advertisers all over the world will spend $ 445.5 billion on advertising. The share of Internet advertising has reached 7% in 2007. Prints occupied 28.3%. But already in 2009 the online advertising increased to 8.7%, while the share of publications fell to 27%. Can you guess what numbers we have no?

The largest advertising market is the US market. According to the report of the investment company Veronis Suler Stevenson (VSS) in 2015 more than $ 100 billion was spent on online advertising in the United States. At the same time the amount of the print media is decreasing very fast.

world online advertising

Today, the selling of goods and services in web has become a necessity for business development. Internet advertising has become one of the most effective ways to attract customers.

Among the benefits of advertising campaign on the Internet, which can help you to promote products and services, are the following:

   - Information can be obtained around the clock, while you are in the comfort of your home or office in a convenient atmosphere, anywhere where you have a network connection;

   - Consumers are choosing offers from a variety of sources; they can choose a suitable and interesting goods and services at the best price;

girl with pc

   - With the aid of modern methods of delivery and payment the buyer can find and get the needed product almost from anywhere in the world. Accordingly, the advertiser can realize their goods to the buyer from any region;

   - In many cases it allows interested customers to engage in dialogue with the advertiser in real time to solve their questions;

   - The sale using the Internet helps seller save your money by reducing overhead costs for the sale of goods. No need to have or rent retail space, keep them, pay for the work of sellers;

online ads

   - Thanks to the global reach of the Internet audience an advertiser can expand their market from a local to the national or even International;

   - It requires fewer resources than traditional advertising media (print, television, radio). It allows aligning the output conditions for large and small-scale producers;

  - It is not intrusive (you do not want – you do not click). It is not so annoying for people, like advertising on television and radio, which close or switch off;

   - With the successful placement on niche sites that are visited by potential customers, the sellers quickly reach their target audience;

  - It allows sellers to get accurate information about the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in the form of reports (statistics) on the number of page views, visits, places with which they are carried out, etc., in order to analyze and, if it is necessary, adjust the direction of accommodation.

internet advertising

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Internet advertising has a two-tier character. The first level is the external advertising placed by advertiser to attract customers to your site on other Internet resources. The second level is the site itself, where most of the action takes place. That is the purpose of advertising. Comprehensive successful implementation of these two levels determines the success of the advertising campaign.

Let's talk about what internet advertising gives, as far as it is interesting for both parties (Advertisers and site owner), what types of Internet advertising are more relevant now, why they differ from each other, online advertising costs and which one to choose.

advertising campaign

Today, almost any kind of business needs advertising: wisely thoughtful and effective advertising campaigns stimulate business growth and, accordingly, income that it brings.

This statement can be fully applied to online business. By the way, in terms of the development of online business in recent years, it is the leader among all the other areas of the business income. Everyday thousands of websites are created for earnings, many of them are developing successfully and generate income for their creators.

Advertising on the Internet is one of the most powerful factors of promotion of business of any nature, represented by the World Wide Web. For owners of resources it is one of the most common and accessible ways to monetize the site.

Advertising on the Internet aims primarily to provide the transitions to advertiser's site by a customer who only then will be able to order a product or service, or just he will stay on the site for some time (even the second version will be useful).

Advertising on the internet has its own important feature: the same site often becomes the advertiser and a platform for advertising.

Advertising on the Internet: the price.

banner for ads

When you advertise on the internet you meet four kinds of billings and payments:

1. Pay per view (period) - a specific period of advertising is charged (as usual it is 1 month, however, there may be any other number of days, hours, months).

2. Pay per view (exact amount) - set rate per 1000 views of the ad unit and counter of its displays, the exact amount paid for impressions, based on the established rate.

3. Payment for the transition - set the rate for the click on advertising and, counter of transitions helps the advertiser, so he only pays for the actual number of users who clicked on his advertising.

4. Payment for action - only those transitions are paid as a result of which the user has made a certain action (paid for a product or service, registered, etc.).

people at pc

The last option is the most highly paid (in some cases the price for 1 action can reach up to $ 100 and up), but also the waiting for such an action can often be endless, but sometimes it’s worth it.

In general, the prices of advertising on the Internet can be very different: it depends on the quality and subjects of advertising platform, and just on the situation prevailing on the market of Internet advertising at some point.

The better site you have chosen as your host of ads - the more targeted visitors it can lead to the advertised site, and the more expensive its advertising will cost. At the same time fall in activity of advertisers or their absence leads to lower prices for advertising on the Internet as a whole and on the particular site.

Types of Internet advertising

Now let’s talk about the most popular forms of internet advertising nowadays.

1. Banner advertising on the Internet.

Banner advertising

Banner ads are graphical or animated images, clicking on which the user goes to the advertiser's site.

Banners are most relevant for advertising aimed at the popularization of the brand, because even if you do not click on the banner, you still have in your head some kind of delayed image, logo, business name, type of goods or services, etc., so in future, when you will need a product or service, it can be found by typing its name, after remembering the banner.

pc users

On the Internet there are established formats (sizes) of advertising banners, under which originally advertising space is developed on the websites. The most common among them are 728*90, 468*60, 160*600, 200*200, 250*250, 300*250, etc. Although, of course, each site has its own characteristics and if you want you can always agree on the placement of non-standard size banner.

Banner is the most suitable for medium and large companies, taking care not only of sales but also the establishment of their own image.

2. Teaser advertising on the Internet.

Teaser advertising

Promotional teasers are graphical or animated images with shocking or intriguing character, equipped with text, prompting the user to go to advertising. Well, for example, ‘I earn $ 100 a day using...’ or ‘I lost 15 kg in a month, because every day I drink ...’

I'm sure all of you have seen them. Teaser advertising is well suited for media sites, or sites focused on the sale of certain, shall we say, questionable goods and services or second-class sites. For companies who value their reputation, teaser ads will simply undignified, and many self-respecting advertising platforms do not place them.

3. Contextual advertising on the Internet.

Contextual advertising

In recent years contextual advertising has become very popular: from the point of view of efficiency, it shows the best results. The essence of contextual advertising is that the advertisement or even advertising link is placed on the pages, the most appropriate within the meaning of (context of) the advertised site. These pages are just read by people that are most interested in the advertised product / service / website, that is the target audience. For example, if an article is about loans, loans advertising will be inserted - this is contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising placement will be interesting to any type of advertisers as it can provide the greatest number of conversions.

4. Aggressive advertising on the Internet.

Aggressive advertising

Talking about the types of online advertising, it is worth mentioning about the so-called aggressive advertising. This includes all sorts of pop-ups, advertising screen on the entire screen, a separate opening of advertising pages. However, visitors usually consider such advertising annoying, it has a high enough click through (many users click on it by accident, trying to close), and therefore it is used as one of the ‘black’ methods of website promotion.

I would not recommend placing aggressive advertising on the Internet as an advertiser, because search engines always react to its presence negatively.

5. Advertising articles.

Advertising articles

Very interesting type of advertising on the internet is the placement of advertising articles, which encourage users to go to the advertiser's site and / or to make there a certain purchase. The Internet has wide-spread placement of articles in order to sell links, but we are not talking about it, namely, the so-called ‘trafic’ articles, ie articles placed not for indexed links, but for the sake of promotion of the site and providing a large number of transitions.

This kind of Internet advertising will bring good effect, in case if the most topical and high-quality platform for the placement is chosen, and the article itself will be of high quality and optimized for the desired search terms. Since advertising articles are usually posted on the website ‘for ever’, they provide a steady traffic to the advertiser in contrast to all other types of online advertising.

6. Advertising in social networks.

Advertising in social networks

This kind of advertising on the Internet is quite different from above, and in each social network has its own characteristics, so to get more details you need to read some separate articles, as business promotion in social networks is totally different from network to network.

How to advertise on the Internet?

advertise on the Internet

The placement can be done in two ways of advertising on the Internet:

1. Through advertising services.

2. By the independent search advertising platforms.

In the online space, there are a large number of various services on placement banner, teaser, contextual advertising. For example, you can find these services on the search giants Yandex and Google. Of course, it is necessary to understand that any intermediary is always an additional cost, it makes the higher cost of advertising. Though, despite this, a lot of advertisers use their services regularly.

advertise in web

Now let’s check up several ways that tell us how to find a place to accommodate advertising on the Internet:

1. Write the right keywords and find the best advertising platform, which will appear the first in search.

2. Find themed advertising platforms through catalogs and rating directories (such as Live Of Internet, Rambler Top 100, Yandex - Catalog, Bigmir, etc.).

3. Find the largest urban or regional portals (if you want to advertise in web for a particular city or region).

online ad

Contact the site administrator via the contact details and find out about the advertising opportunities and a cost. Comparing the number of options you can choose for yourself the best one.

When looking for sites to advertise on the Internet we strongly recommend paying priority not on price, but on the subject and the quality of resource. You will get the greatest effect of online advertising on the maximum thematic platforms, where you can get the necessary target audience.

For example, you have to advertise loans. Website of credit offers to advertise for $ 100, and the media site with a similar attendance - for $ 20. It is likely that the best for you would be the first option, since the first site is visited only by people interested in loans, but only a small proportion of random users may appear on the second platform.

clever online advertising

The site owner may act in the same way. For example, he wants to earn on advertising or to use the services of intermediaries - ad networks or performing a separate search for direct advertisers. Often, these methods are used in combination with each other: while there are no direct advertisers, income is generated, for example, by contextual advertising of Google or Yandex.

Now you know what is advertising on the Internet is, and how to use it correctly. You can make a lot of money online, following the right instructions! Choose what you would like to do and start your new life right now!


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