What are the poorest Nigerian tribes? - 5 top

Nigeria is a home to over 300 tribes. Which one of them is the poorest and bears the most hardships in life? Find out now.

Is Nigeria a wealthy country? Do you know its richest states? And what about the poorest Nigerian tribes and states? Have you heard, which areas and villages are the most vulnerable? Get to know right now.

What are the poorest Nigerian tribes

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Criteria of poverty

Before we may talk about the poorest Nigerian tribes, it is necessary to define the factors, which influence the rate of such indicator. There are more than 300 tribes living in Nigeria. All of them are different; they preserve different languages, cultures, traditions, and even religions. Poverty rate in tribes of Nigeria is defined by the following criteria:

  1. Agriculture. This sector is very important in Nigeria. However, there are rural areas, which cannot support it properly because of various problems, such as transportation, water access, and so on. In particular regions, agriculture is replaced by the oil and gas production.
  2. Death rate. The more people die within the group, the higher poverty rate is. The thing is that people usually die because of the lack of medical assistance, provisions, clear water and so on.
    Death rate.
  3. Welfare. The amount of rich people is always taken into account. If their number prevails, the state cannot be called poor. However, unfortunately, the situation is different in most cases. Incomes are not that great. And the low level of income leads to the high level of poverty among the population.
  4. Health care system. For better living and higher birth rates, proper medicine is essential. There should be qualified doctors, supplies, and equipment for treating people and keep them healthy.
    Health care system.
  5. Resources. Every citizen must be able to satisfy basic necessities. However, there are places in Nigeria, where people may suffer from hunger (for example, because of some terrorist attacks) or water supplies. Some states do not have access to good transportation or electricity. These things make certain tribes poorer than the others.

These indicators are the most common. They can define poverty in a particular state or society. Tribal life in Nigeria is different, and some ethnicities really suffer, as they do not get enough wealth.

Poorest states in Nigeria

Now we can observe the life in various states and find out the poorest of them in Nigeria:

  1. Zamfara.  There is an alarming scope of economic danger in this state. According to the reports, there is a great threat of the development of the economy.
  2. Kebbi. This is another vulnerable state. Nevertheless, according to the recent data, its great airport is expected to boost the economy and to make the poverty level lower.
  3. Bauchi. The recent activities of Boko Haram terrorist group in this area have made it suffer. It used to be one of the greatest tourist areas in Nigeria, but all the visitors are now too afraid to come here.
  4. Ebonyi. Most of the southeastern states in Nigeria live with a normal life. The poverty is not that strong there, people usually have everything they need and want. However, this one is the only in the list.
  5. Plateau. This state is very liable to various attacks and ethnic clashes. They mostly happen between Fulani herdsmen and the inhabitants of the area. This fact has turned this place into one of the poorest.
  6. Jigawa. It is located in the northwest of Nigeria. The majority of population consists of Hausa-Fulani tribes. The poverty level here is beyond 70% by now.
  7. Gombe. As many other states in the northeast of the country, it is very vulnerable to terrorist attacks. People try to leave this place, and those, who have decided to stay, live in great poverty.
  8. Adamawa. It is one of the youngest states, formed only in 1991. However, it has already suffered from Boko Haram activities. As you already know, their actions turn wealthy states into poor in a
  9. Katsina. It is the centre of the North in Nigeria. In this region, this state is the least wealthy of all. And the situation does not change for the better.
  10. Sokoto. It is definitely the poorest state of Nigeria. However, the main causes of it are not terrorists, but the climate of the area. The temperature is very high. Besides, the most territory is the rural areas. Infrastructure is not well-developed. 

National Bureau of Statistics poverty ratings





















The poorest tribes

Now when we have found out, which states are the most vulnerable, we can observe the poorest ethnic groups, living on the territory of the country. They are:

  1. Igbo. After the Civil War, people of this ethnicity continued to suffer. Although they struggle for their rights, they are still neglected by the state government. That’s why they have become one of the poorest tribes in the whole country. Many Igbos had to move from their native places because of the lack of infrastructure and other facilities.
    The poorest tribes Igbo.
  2. Yoruba. This is another great ethnicity of the country. But many people claim they are really poor, because they do not have access to all the modern facilities, such as, for instance, roads. Though many of them are creative and intelligent, they are neglected and badly treated by the government.
    The poorest tribes Yoruba.
  3. Fulani. This group lives in such states, as Plateau. And as you know, it is very liable to clashes and terrorist attacks, which have made this tribe not very rich.
  4. Hausa. They also live in the most suffering states, such as Sokoto. Thus, it is impossible to avoid poverty in such case.
  5. Kanufi. They are one of the biggest tribes as well. And they occupy the most suffering lands. This fact has added them into our list.
    The poorest tribes Kanufi.

Nigeria is a big and developing country. However, there are many important problems here, including economic ones and the issues of terrorism. There are much more causes of such high poverty rate in many states. They might include corruption, clashes, absence of economic stability, and others. Nevertheless, this tendency must be stopped; otherwise, the consequences may be terrible. 


I think that one of the most important problems in these countries is population growth. If these countries limit population rate they can win many of problems like poverty, inflation, environment problems and etc. Unfortunately population growth control in whole world not care and it goes the world to vanish.

Answered 1 year ago.

The vast majority of its citizens eke out a miserable existence, receiving income less than 300 dollars a year (over 80%). Moreover, it should be noted that, despite substantial growth in the cost of energy in the world, the incomes of the population over the last three decades has decreased more than three times. The country is now in thirty of the poorest Nations of the world. It is not even a semblance of modern education and medicine, major problems with transport infrastructure. Half of the children do not attend school. Of course, that the country is almost completely absent science and technology (all imported). The country is quite modern oil infrastructure in the province in the South of Nigeria laid the pipelines that pump the "black gold" in tankers and offshore oil are produced on modern drilling rigs.

Answered 1 year ago.

I feel deeply sorry for such sad and and dissapointive facts about tribes. Because they belong to rare and extinct cultural herritage of not only Nigeria but the whole world. Especially I feel sorry about small children, because we have to make everything possible and impossible to make them live healthy and wealthy. To my mind people all over the world should combine their money and resourses to prevent the extinction of such tribes, because they are special, unique. And they are the part of our society.

Answered 1 year ago.
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