What countries are the largest producers of diamonds in Africa?

Diamonds are precious stones which production is undoubtedly able to support any country`s economy. What diamond producers in Africa do you know? Read the article below to get to know more information about this interesting topic.

Largest diamond production in Africa

The African continent is richly endowed with huge deposits of precious metals and stones. They all can bring significant profits to largest diamond producer. The continent has two-thirds of the world's diamond resources.

In Africa diamond mining is carried out by fifteen countries. The largest of them annually produce over one million carats of diamonds worth over half a billion US dollars. It is such countries as Botswana, Angola, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Namibia.

Diamonds in Africa

In addition, other African countries where diamonds are mined are Guinea, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo, Lesotho, Central African Republic (CAR), Liberia, Togoб Sierra Leone, and Tanzania.


Diamnond production in

Botswana has the richest deposits of diamonds of exceptional quality in Africa. Most of the territory of Botswana is a sandy desert. Finding a few diamonds in river sediments stimulated geological exploration. In 1967, during such excavations the first Orapa kimberlitic pipe was discovered. This mine produces about half of the world's diamond jewelry. It has the highest productivity among all other diamond mines in the world. All Botswana's mines are controlled by “Debswana Diamond Company Ltd.” This is a joint venture by “De Beers” company and the Botswana government.

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South Africa

Diamnond production in South Africa

The most famous diamond mines are located in South Africa. At the end of the XIX century diamond fever broke out there. Currently, the largest volume of diamond production among South African mines belongs to the Finsch kimberlite. Some deposits were definitively closed (Jagersfontein, Kimberley), others are still being developed at the moment (Dutoispan). The productivity of kimberlites in South Africa is in the range of about 1 carat of diamonds per a tone of waste rock. There are many high quality stones found here. It is on the South African mines where the largest diamond in the world was found. It is named Cullinan. In its raw form it weighs 3.000 carats. It equals 600 grams.


Diamnond production in Angola

Catoca mine in Angola takes ninth place in the world list of the largest diamonds producers. It was founded only in 1997, and production volumes have been constantly growing since that time. In 2015, the average annual diamond production equaled 7.2 million carats.


Diamnond production in Namibia

A desert coast of Namibia has always been called “Skeleton Coast” by sailors. For a long time nobody could have assumed that it is in the sands of this coast high concentration of quality diamonds were hidden. It is very difficult to produce diamonds here. First of all, several meters of sediment should be raised, which contain no diamonds. Mining here is in compliance with the strictest safety measures. Therefore, no machinery and equipment (trucks, excavators, processing machines), delivered to the diamondiferous territory, cannot leave it in any case, since the full machinery inspections or potential loss of diamonds would have cost more the price of a car left outside. 95% of the mined stones here are a gem-quality diamonds.

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