What is corruption in simple words

Suffer from corruption? Find out what it is, how it occurs and how to fight it and overcome it.

Have you ever faced corruption? Many people in Nigeria and in the world suffer from it. What are the causes of it? Which effects does it have on our lives? Find out all the essential things concerning corruption issues right now.

What is corruption in simple words

Definition of corruption in simple words

To make anti corruption programmes possible, it is necessary to understand the term. Thus, corruption is dishonest conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority. Such individual often acquires personal benefits from it. There exist many forms of it. But let’s, first, observe the common types. They include:

  •  corruption in Nigeria?political,
  • police,
  • judicial,
  • systematic,
  • individual,
  • public,
  • moral.

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These are the most widespread types. However, not all of them're illegal. It is vital to understand that corruption has an impact on various fields of life. Main effects of corruption are as follows:

On people:

  • Low-quality services. To get a good one, you'll have to pay. Besides, many people can buy their diplomas. Thus, they are not good specialists at all.
  • Unemployment. Many institutions bribe the inspectors in order to get a permission to work. They do not have enough qualified staff though. Thus, many people, who could get a job there, cannot do it.
  • Lack of justice. Bribery and corruption is judicial system are very frequent. The investigation might last for years because of it as well. That’s why plain people suffer.
  • Poor health. Many officials and contractors save money on clear water, medical assistance, and other important things. It leads to great health problems.

On society:

  • What is corruption ?Disregard of officials. If any authorities are connected with corruption, people understand that they must pay to get a quality service.
  • Lack of respect and trust for government. If people in power do not do anything to fight against corruption, then people stop trusting them. Citizens don't want to take part in elections, and so on.

On economy:

  • Lack of development. Lots of money must be spent on fight against corruption. Besides, great amounts may just vanish because of the unreliable authorities. It leads to the delays in development.
  • Absence of investment. Businesspeople would never want to lose their money. In case of corruption, they will need to pay to officials. Besides, their money will disappear.

What is political corruption?

What is corruption Such type of corruption is usually abuse of public power, office, or resources by any of the elected government authorities for personal gain. They can, for example, use extortion, soliciting or offer bribes. There're also cases, when people in power buy votes. As the result, people might stop identifying themselves with particular region or even country.

As we have said, bribery is often used. What is bribery? This is one of the methods of corruption. It denotes improper application of gifts and favors for personal benefits.

What is police corruption?

What is police corruption?It is a specific form of misconduct used to get financial benefits. It can also include other personal gain, career advancement for police officers for avoiding pursuing, or just selectively pursuing, investigation or arrest. Bribes for not reporting organized drug or prostitution rings are also very common.

There is another example, when police officers flout the code of conduct to secure convictions of suspects. They can, for instance, use falsified evidence etc. Moreover, it even happens that officers participate in organized crime themselves.

What is public corruption?

corruption in simple wordsSuch corruption usually involves breach of public trust or any abuse of position by state, federal or local authorities and their accomplices from the private sector. Government official, who has been elected, hired or appointed, violates existing federal law, when asking, accepting or agreeing to receive anything valuable for being influenced in the performance of his or her duties.

Bribery is again the most frequent form. Such kind of violations happen at all governmental levels. They include allegations of judicial, legislative, regulatory, contract, and law enforcement corruption.

What is moral corruption?

What is moral corruption?There exist several definitions, because this term is quite complicated. While moral is considered sense of what's right, good, and truthful based on implied common or individual standards, corruption is dishonest and untrustworthy conduct, usually done by means of bribery or other methods.

Thus, this term refers to human behavior, especially the distinction between good and bad or right and wrong.

Morality and transparency are two most important things for corruption prevention.

What is corruption in Nigeria?

Nigeria is the country, which is very vulnerable to corruption. Main causes of it are:

  • What is corruption in Nigeria?Weak governmental institutions. They are not able to fight corruption effectively.
  • Poor incentives. There are lots of corrupt politicians in this country. Some of them used to be the rulers in the past.
  • Lack of transparency in public service. As we have said, this is the key component for prevention.
  • Absence of anti corruption tools. Authorities cannot fight the issue.
  • Ineffective political processes. Corrupt politicians are one of reasons.
  • Culture and acceptance of corruption by the population. People have got used to it. They do not believe that anything may change.
  • Absence of effective political financing.
  • Ethnic and religious difference.

What is more, if we look at corruption index, Nigerian one is high. It now totals 26% out of 100. It is a bit better than in 2014, when it was 27% (the highest in the history). In 2015, it was ranked 136 in the list.

Being a big problem, corruption needs to be prevented. It has very bad influence on every part of our life, including social and economic levels. The country cannot properly develop, while its indexes are high. That’s why every citizen should be aware of corruption and to do everything possible to stop it. However, the main efforts must be made by the government.

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Corruption is the selfish abuse of official of their rights and powers. In corrupt action is always a benefit officers in their personal interests or in the interests of those associated with him. the Origins of corruption, apparently, lie in the custom of giving a gift for a slightly better attitude than others. It is assumed that the receiver will perform their official or professional duties more quickly and efficiently. For example, the teacher will give the child more attention, the doctor will tell the patient where treated, a plumber from the housing Department will not come "from nine to six", and at the right time... basically, Supplement for speed or quality – normal commercial practice. However, in cases when the law or their job descriptions do not include extra services, "the gift relationship" begins suspiciously to look like a bribe.

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Corruption means tha people, who are doing some particular work for money, which is payed by the goverment and supposed to do some kind of service without any payment for you, try to get from you some money. To my mind the main problem of it - is a small salary from the government, which is not enough to have a proper way of living. In such cases people just try to get the money from others. If there is enough salary there wiil be much less corruption and the people will do their work in a proper way.

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