What Is National Development For Nigeria?

National development of Nigeria impacts every person that lives in it. Discover what it is and what are the prospects for the future.

Progress is a process of not standing still. Nigeria is a developing country; it was recognized by experts as one of the advanced countries and they impose profound hopes on it. Let's try to analyze what life Nigeria lives for the last 5–10 years, has its structure been changed or not; forward what it goes to, according to forecasts. What is national development of the whole country?
What Is National Development For Nigeria?

Initial data

The fact is that Nigeria has a very strong desire to combine agriculture and the implementation of new technologies. At the beginning of the nineties, the profit percentage from the agricultural field was equal to 40%. A few dozens of years pass and technology evolved as much so it occupies 70% of the big pie, displacing the agriculture at the third place.

If todefine national development, we mean the continuous progress.

National Development NigeriaNigeria has strongly developed:

  • cultivation of corn, rice, sorghum and millet and vegetables – tomatoes, beans, onions,
  • livestock in some regions,
  • coffee, tobacco, cola (nuts), tobacco, peanuts (for export and for domestic sales), cocoa (export only).

National development in Nigeria is linked inextricably to agriculture. Thanks to the good climate, you can get a crop twice a year here.  It would be rather foolish to give up such promising conditions, so Nigerians continue to engage agriculture. Recently originated widespread trend of development and progress of agriculture played its part in this process. However, the prospect of technological enhancement attracts also with its bright light, so this industry receives plenty of attention.
What Is National Development

Another industry that is actively developing in Nigeria is oil production. This industry progressed for the same dozens of years so much that led the country to obtain eighth place in the world for oil mining.


The oddity is that Nigeria is not currently able to provide itself with the same products that are actively promoted for export. Thus, Nigeria is a major supplier of wheat to the United States. On the other hand, only 50% of the total arable lands are used for cultivation of cereals. From the land that is called irrigated, only 7% are used in turn. 

 National DevelopmentThis gives an indication that there are a lot of prospects for the development, and they may increase the prosperity and standards of living in the country with the well-set exports. However, the emphasis should not be set at agriculture only. Developing countries should try to use all of their availabilities.

As the cultivation of crops already mastered by Nigerians, most of the resources thrown at oil production and technologies development. They are also used well for cultural sustainable growth of the country. Concept of national development implies the maximum involvement of all required resources.

More than half of the oil produced in the country with the help of foreign equipment, not internally crafted. Nigeria does not possess even 50% of the technology for the production of its own oil. 

National Development Nigeria 2In addition to mentioned, Nigeria is rich in other occurrences, including natural gas inseparable from oil. With the largest gas field in Africa, Nigeria does not mine even a tenth part of it, mostly because we do not have the appropriate equipment and do not develop the gas industry as a complex. 

Another field is minerals. Ore, coal, tin, bauxite, columbites, copper, gold and aquamarine, topaz and sapphiresmined in NigeriaMuch have been said about oil production in Nigeria, but it is impossible not to mention the theft – unfortunately, about 10% of the produced oil "leaks" literally through the fingers. It is a huge amount of resources at the national level.

What Is National Development For Nigeria? - Indicators of growth

Nigeria Indicators of growthFrom the beginning of the new century, Nigeria was awarded with a very substantial increase in GDP per capita. Interestingly, the dynamic works to increase the figure only persists. Moreover, even in the crisis years for the country. 

This is due to stable exports. Keenly aware of its primary "gold mine", the government has always put emphasis on its export. And we cannot say that this was a bad idea. Thanks to the stable growth of GDP, the national currency – Naira – has become only stronger. If some years back its rate was much overvalued, now, thanks to healthy growth trends, it remained untouched and fluctuates only within the internal market limits as of today.


National Development For Nigeria 3A pretty impressive external debt formed due to the long-term martial law in the country. For a certain time period, the country was under the governing of the upper authorities, who have proven themselves as the rulers who are prone to corruption.

So this period for the country was not the best as of economic point of view. In fact, may it be said that it was lost. However, after the change of government, the country's external debt decreased by 80% only in a few years. This shows how quickly the welfare of the country could be raised if the usage of resources were correct and the absence or minimization of theft was done.

In addition, because of the treatment the country exceptionally for personal gain, Nigeria stopped in the development of technologies at some time and that reduced the GDP. Existing reserves allowed maintaining its growth trend; however, it took time to restore the required resources. READ ALSO: Is Nigeria A Developing Country? – 7 top signs for Nigeria. 

Main problems

Nigeria has several key areas for future growth, including:
 Development For Nigeria 4

  • rich mineral deposits,
  • positive relations with neighboring countries and world’s most powerful states (Nigeria strongly supports the bilateral relations with the USA and Canada),
  • active implementation of agricultural activities aimed on export of goods,
  • the development of the educational system (many universities in the country are aimed, in particular, at the education of creative personnel, such as architects, musicians, etc.),
  • aiming on minimizing the religious strife (the latest actions related to the Boko Haram have shaken these works. However, the government has a program for the settlement of such scandals).

    Experts and analysts from international agencies recognize that Nigeria of today is one of the most, if not the most, promising countries. The major problems, limiting and locking the country's development, are:

Development For Nigeria

  • extensive internal contradictions related to religious and ethnic differences,
  • echoes of the consequences of the former governors,
  • insufficient resources for the development of equipment for the oil and gas industries,
  • the general standard of living does not prove that every citizen has the opportunity to a decent existence, especially when it comes to preserved tribes, which more than 300 in Nigeria.

National development plan covers the work towards the elimination or transfer of the above-mentioned problems to another plane.

Nigeria is slowly but surely walks the way of development. We try to use the given resources, which the country has many. What is national developmentfor Nigeria today? This, above all, the development of technologies related to the promotion of the country's main export resources – oil, and, in the long term, gas and other natural mining outcomes.

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