What number would you get exchanging naira to dollar? – Parallel market latest news

Wonder how many dollars you can get for your naira or the other way around? Learn the latest currency exchange rate and naira news.

Currencies prices continue to fluctuate this week. At the beginning of it, the price of Naira to USD was at the same ratio as in the last week. But there were also small improvements in the Nigerian currency to dollar. It remains rather steady in the black market.

 exchanging naira to dollar?

Official results show that situation of dollar to naira hasn't improved. People have stopped to use it. Despite of it, the operator of CBN (central bank of Nigeria) told in confidence that population still come to points to exchange Nigerian currency. According to the latest news, it is N324 to one USD.

What number would you get exchanging

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Experts said that they aren't sure in improvement of economy. However, they remain optimistic because of recent improvement of exchange rate.

We hope for the best in the next few days as naira received a little impulse in relation to dollar for the last 3 days – they say.

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