What payment methods are available in Nigeria?

What is the most convenient way for payment in Nigeria? How much the commission for transfer in various systems is? Read the article to learn about the most convenient ways to pay for your purchase.

List of payment methods

List of payment methods

Credit card

Having a card, you may not carry a large amount of money with you, but at the same time always be able to make necessary purchases. Most businesses, focused on providing quality service, are already taking the card. In the case of loss of cash in a purse, you will probably not be able to return it. Funds held on credit card account can be saved if timely to block the card, calling the bank. Bank Card is one of the safest payment methods, but only if it is used properly. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances requiring urgent search of funds occur. Credit card is one of the quickest ways to get required amount. The most popular producers of bank cards in the world are Visa and Master Card. In Nigeria payment methods PayPal, Interswitch, eTranzact, GTPay, Paga and Simple Pay are also popular.

Digital wallets

The main advantage of electronic money is that they can be used to pay for mobile communications or products in online store without queuing in a relaxed, homely atmosphere. Virtual money are perfect for small payments, such as for the purchase of movie tickets or discount coupon on the website. Electronic money is an analogue of cash, but it is much more difficult to lose them. And even if the purse is hacked, there is a high probability that the money will be returned to you. You do not have to pay a subscription fee for e-wallet service in contrast to bank cards. Another plus of electronic money is a perpetual use of an electronic purse. Users can do it and forget about problems of liquidation of the account and its renewal. There are several convenient ways to replenish digital wallets: with terminals, special payment card or in the bank.

payment methods

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Alternative Payment Methods

Systems of money transfer

The main benefit is maximum availability. The commission does not exceed 1%-2% of a transfer amount. Considering that more than 8 000 partner banks are connected to the system, geography is incredibly extensive. Besides, there is no such concept as restrictions on transfer amount. The only thing: in transferring of more than 1500 dollars there is a need to be provided with additional documents. Thus, one of points — safety of work with system — is realized. Users of such system can even choose transfer currency.

payment methods PayPal

Method of international payment system

The benefit of such method is that transfer can be received in 10-15 minutes. It is possible if, for instance, to use services of Western Union or MoneyGram. In case of receiving money, it is enough to show your passport and ID code. At the same time, money can be received in the convenient place: service points are rather branched. For bigger safety, control number is necessary to say when obtaining the transfer. The commission varies from degree of branching of systems and the amount. Rates in small transfer systems are always cheaper than in leaders, but it is more difficult to find their points of servicing.

Post transfer

The main benefit is simplicity. For this purpose, it is enough to come to postal department, having passport and code. The maximum amount of transferring reaches 10 000 dollars. Money can be received within a day. When receiving, it is necessary to show documents that increases safety of service. The main disadvantage is territorial limitation. It is possible to transfer money only to 20 countries. Besides, the commission is rather high — 4-6% of a transfer amount.

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