Who are NDV? Did the attack NNPC gas pipelines happened?

What is reaction of Niger Delta Volunteers on the declaration of the government about pipeline bombing? What are their social media accounts? Read the article to learn the hottest information.

Akwa Ibom

The new group of insurgents, NDV, declared the presence at Akwa Ibom State yesterday. In the application signed by its representative ordering Ekpo, the group has taken the responsibility for attack on the gas pipeline belonging to NNPC last week. The enterprise carries out supply of gas to ALSCON, Ikot Abasi.

The pipeline was attacked last Thursday, but the government of the state and commissioner of police claimed that it was leakage. NDV has told that its subordinates have attacked the pipeline at 11:45 last Thursday to welcome the president of Muhammadu Buhari who had to be in the country that day. The group has told that the continuing dialogue between Federal government and fighters of delta of Niger has to gain distribution. Otherwise, some largest platforms and pressure head pipelines in the state are threatened with closure.

Niger Delta Volunteers

The group has also promised to raise some selfish governors of the state who agree with the oil platforms 'to pump over' money intended for social development. NDV has told that it will submit to the public their websites, Twitter and Facebook soon.

In the statement of group, it is said: ‘We, Niger Delta Volunteers, condemn the recent decision of the government of the state that attack on NNPC gas pipelines was leak. The gas pipeline belonging to NNPC/NGC and supplying gas to ALSCON, Ikot Abasi, was attacked our participants at 11:45 on Thursday June 16th 2016, as a signal to the president, which had to be in country that Thursday. We wanted to record ours discontent and to declare presence of Volunteers of delta of Niger in the state of Akwa Ibom to fight against injustice, isolation and oppression of simple people. It is very sad that the government can deceive the whole world that attack was a leakage, and even the community NDA claims that it was explosion.

NNPC gas pipelines

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It isn't surprising because the government likes deception, and we convince the regional government that its power will be overthrown rather than people will be deceived. We are shocked by the fact that the government of the state can pay for seven pages on the Nation newspaper millions naira only to deceive the whole country with not existing project. We demand that the continuing dialogue between the Federal government and Niger Delta militants would be expanded. Soon we will go to the state, which agree with the oil companies to pump over the money intended for social development. We will submit our website, Twitter and Facebook'. The commissioner of police of the state has told some correspondents that bombing known by hearsay wasn't a real attack. But the high-ranking source on NNS anniversary in Ikot Abasi, who has kept anonymity, confirmed attack on the NNPC pipeline.

NNPC gas pipelines 1

The source told that attack on the pipeline was valid. Right now engineers from NNPC work on pipelines. Officials and other managements of safety are on the place too. However, the chief police officer said that all events is just a technical problem and that some engineers declare that in this time they worked to correct leakage of gas from the pipeline. They claim that the state is in safety from actions of group of insurgents. Besides, the government of the state has exposed rumors about bombardment of the pipeline in Ikot Osute, area of local authority Oruk Anam. 'No pipeline was bombed and those who spread such rumors aren't informed about true situation in defeat zone. In the morning of Thursday, when employees of safety have visited Ikot Osute, managing directors were on the territory, working round the clock to ensure safety in the area'. 

The government has urged Nigerians to remain quiet as it sought to protect lives and property of all citizens in the state.

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