Who is a consumer?

Have a consumer problem? Don’t know how to solve it? Now you’ll know all your rights!

We are all consumers. We buy things and use the services. But who is a consumer in a law? What are the consumer rights?

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 Who is a consumer under consumer protection act?


Consumer is a citizen having intention to order or purchase goods (services) for personal, family, domestic or other purposes not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activity. The law does not relate to the consumers the legal entities and the persons who purchase goods, works or services for use in the business activity.

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You can ask yourself ‘why should I know who the consumer is?’. This is extremely important information because you must know your rights. This is a problem in Nigeria, that people don’t know their rights. Government tries to protect people but if they don’t know their rights, what is the use? There are lots of situations when you are not satisfied with some goods or service but you can’t get you money back and solve your problem. Has ever such situation happen to you? Did you go away with nothing? Well, it wouldn’t have happened if you had known your consumer rights!  

As a Nigerian consumer, you have the following rights and you must and should insist on them.

consumer rights

  1. You have a right to be informed about goods and services you get without hiding any information. There is also a protection from the misleading or inaccurate labeling and advertising.
  2. You have the right to choose. Nigerian people must have the access to the  variety of quality goods and services at competitive prices.
  3. The right to refund. Any Nigerian person can ask for a compensation for misrepresentation, bad-quality goods or unsatisfactory public and private services. Also including the right to adequate the legal representation.
  4. The right to get consumer education. What does it mean? You can get the skills required to be an informed, clever consumer and to use them throughout life.
  5. The right to have a consumer representation. You must be aware of advocacy of consumers’ interest. You have the ability to take part in the formulation of economic or other policies affecting consumers (including you). You have the right to be heard.
  6. You have the right to a healthy environment. Dwelling is a place that is safe for you, for present and future generations. It will enhance the quality of their lives.


You must remember consumer has more rights than seller or a service provider. If you know the truth is on your side, prove it, law will be on your side. Nigeria is trying to become a developing country so the laws are strict.  It must be remembered that the law treats the concept ‘Consumer’ rather broadly, calling customers and those citizens who still have the intention to buy the product or to order the service. This is important to know that all of them have the right to check up the goods, receive all the information about this it or conditions of sale, manufacturing, etc. In addition, consumer is not only a citizen, who acquires the goods or services himself, but also the citizen directly benefits them.


I believe that every consumer should know their rights when buying one or another product. It happens that people mistakenly bought a product that he does not need, and he wants it back. A man who knows the law, go to the store and ask to give money (of course if there is a check on the purchase date). Personally, in our country, you can return the goods within 14 days. This is especially true of clothing. Of course, knowing their rights, people go to the trick. Buy clothes without removing the tag of her dress for the event, and then give the store as if she had not approached them. Here's a deception obtained.

Answered 1 year ago.

The customer is the citizen who has bought or going to buy a product (service) for personal (household) needs.

Now I want to summarize all what you have said. Every person in the modern world enjoys the items he purchased for the money. Consumers, regardless of profession, gender, age, are we all. Even the salesperson standing behind the counter – the consumer. Why? And a rich businessman is also a consumer, as he drives in the Mercedes, who bought. And even the President of the country is a consumer, because the suit he is wearing, he also made himself is not.

The consumer is not only a person who has already purchased the product and uses it, but also one who is just going to do it. This means that if you appealed to the seller with a request to show the product and tell about its properties, you have become a consumer.

Answered 1 year ago.

This is exactly we are all consumers, because we are people, and we always need for a comfortable life. We buy food, clothing, apartments, furniture and the like. This is a consumer, a simple man, the country's citizens. But all this requires money, which also need to earn. There are many nuances and consumer rights. And everyone should know about these rights, in which case he could defend himself. After all, you can buy food sporchenuyu from which will be taken to the hospital, or in a similar situation. And based on all this, if you oboznalsya, and you will be protected.

Answered 1 year ago.
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