Who is a rich person ?

No matter the amount of money being controlled by an individual , he or she would not see him/herself as rich in as much as he/she see those that are richer than him/herself. A person that has enough money to rent an accommodation , feed his family and pays their tuition fees but because he has not bought a car would look at himself as being poor A person living in a bungalow considers himself poor so far some are living in a duplex. A person that has two or children in a school where is paying #20, 000:00 per term on each considers himself as poor since he cannot send his children to where he will pay #50,000:00 per term on each child. The examples are endless. With this type of mind set , who then can we call a rich person ?

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There are many opinions as to who is a rich person. A lot of people thought a person could be called rich because he has fleet of cars, estates, companies or many worldly luxuries . Such a person could not be considers as rich in as much as he wants to get more money so as to acquire more worldly possessions for his selfish ends. Anybody, no matter the level of his wealth who has interest in getting more money purposely to consume on his own lust is not a rich person.

Having said that, who then is a rich person ? A rich person is someone who is satisfy with what he or she has and who wants to get more purposely to help others so as to become rich like him or herself ..

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