Why power crisis has struck Nigeria?

Have you had a power blackout recently? Well, you were not alone, as most Nigerians have gone through it. Learn the causes of the power crisis in the country.

It seems like many people got used to the regular power blackouts in Nigeria. The ones that can afford to buy household power plants, solar panels or power generator stations become more or less self-sustainable. The rest of the Nigerians severely suffer from power crisis. The latest blackout took place no April 23, 2016.

Why power crisis has struck Nigeria?

How Yemi Osinbajo explains the reason for the power crisis in Nigeria?

This weekend many Nigerians complained: electricity down in my area! They experienced one of the massive power blackouts as over 3,1 megawatts of electricity shut down on that Saturday.

The total amount of electricity produced was 3.144 MW. This happened on Friday and a day later on Saturday 3.132 of it was lost! What an immense and total power loss!  Over 99 percent of all the electricity in the power grid was gone and Nigerians faced a complete power blackout in Abuja and in all other cities and states.

Yemi Osinbajo for the power crisis in Nigeria

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Why did this happen? Yemi Osinbajo thinks the main reasons include vandalism and damage of the pipelines, fuel scarcity, lack of transportation for the fuel to the power plants, etc. Seems like the power sector of Nigeria is dealing with some top challenges. Such a statement was made at Nigerian Association for Energy Economics/International Association for Energy Economics conference in Abuja.

power crisis in Nigeria

It is ironic, as Nigeria has some of the largest gas deposits in the world and at this it suffers from fuel scarcity on its power plants and fails to generate enough power for its needs. According to the Vice President the infrastructure of the country is a huge setback to its economy and development.

If the government would remain unable to improve the work and management of the power sector of the country Nigerians would keep dealing with such power crisis situations in the future.  


Large-scale energy crisis in Nigeria, the world's largest oil producer. For this reason, paralyzed transportation, many homes, businesses, banks and other public institutions were left without electricity, reports BBC. Nigeria's economy is the largest in Africa. But in the country there are only four oil refineries. From the product is not enough to cover the needs across the country.

A large share of fuel Nigerians have to be imported. Wholesale sellers of fuel all the time sold it at below market price, receive tons of government compensation.

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