Will fuel scarcity mar the beginning of the New Year in Nigeria?

Stand in those long lines daily trying to buy some fuel? Find out why Nigeria is experiencing such a crisis... again and what they are going to do to end it.

Seems like this year the last year’s scenario is replayed in Lagos and other large Nigerian cities again. Fuel scarcity in Nigeria is a bit cyclical. Will the situation be carried out into the beginning of the next 2016 year? Some experts predict the fuel deficiency to keep on occurring all the way till February 2016.

Will fuel scarcity mar the beginning in Nigeria?

What causes fuel scarcity in Nigeria?

Seems like we get different reports and reasons from different sources. Let’s review several versions.

Version #1: president Goodluck is to blame for the present day fuel scarcity

Will fuel scarcity mar the beginning of the New YearSuch claim was made by the Federal Government and by Lai Mohammed in particular. He states the Jonathan’s government did not make the provisions and did not care to stock up enough fuel and use fuel subsidies. So, the present day government of Buhari has got a bad heritage from the predecessors.

Of course, he managed to own up some problems related to the logistics. However, they seem to play only a minor part in the present day fuel crisis. Current government plans to use additional 600+ billion naira to cope with the problem. That is the solution they see. They plan to renew the importing of fuel by various companies, which has not been done during the last few months.

Version #2: president Buhari blames the petroleum industry stakeholders

Will fuel scarcity in Nigeria?He has made such a claim during the presentation of the 2016 budget and apologized for the inconveniences people are forced to deal with during this festive season. The president believes those key people in the industry are unwilling to accept the change. He has also made provisions to end the crisis as quickly as possible.

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He also supports the idea that his administration carries the burden of the mistakes made in the past by president Goodluck. He admits that the stopping of payments towards the fuel subsidy has played a bad trick with him.

So, will the fuel scarcity in Nigeria continue into the beginning of 2016? It is quite possible. Presently companies have received over 400+ billion naira to cover up for the fuel subsidy costs, they are not in the rush to restore the import of the fuel. The situation may require more negotiations and this means Nigerians might keep on standing in the long fuel lines all the way till February 2016.  

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I think that the current government will cope well with the problem of fuel shortages in Nigeria. This problem should have been predicted in advance and make certain steps to avoid such a crisis. If the government Bukhari got bad heritage from predecessors, it was necessary to quickly identify problems and resolve them. It always turns out that through the power of bureaucrats and suffers a simple population. The current government has reserved a sufficient amount of fuel used and fuel subsidies.

Answered 2 years ago.

Oil is depletable resource, and that oil and its derivative products gradually is no longer enough to certain countries of our planet it is a sign that it is time for us all to think about the modern workplace. It's time to look for new environmentally friendly products that can provide us with energy. We all live with the idea that “Yes! We all know that the resources will soon be over”, but to deal with this problem is not our wish, hoping that it passes us and that to solve it will not we but our children. I think it's time not to procrastinate, but to truly address the issue of the new cheap and environmentally friendly fuel.

Answered 2 years ago.

Dont blamed anyone sir. We want change ok

Answered 2 years ago.
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