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Choosing a Domain Name? Factors to Consider

Trying to choosing a domain name for your new business or website? Here are some factors to consider:

[list][li]Make sure the domain name you use is not someone else's registered trademark.[/li]

[li]Prefer shorter names to longer ones.[/li]

[li]Avoid domain names with ambiguous or multiple spellings, unless the domain names corresponding to all the ossible misspellings of yours are available, and you are willing to buy them![/li]

[li]Names with ambigous spellings include vs vs. vs., vs. or any names including the number 0(zero), easily confused with capital 'o'.[/li]

[li]Separate multi-word domain names with hyphens rather than underscores and register the alternate (non-hyphenated) form if possible[/li]

[li]If you have long-term plans for your site, a really unique domain name will help with differentiating your site.[/li]

[li]Make every effort to choose a .com domain for any business website, .net domain for network and internet service providers, .edu for educational institutions, and .org for non-profit organizations.[/li]

[li]Special note: domains are easiest to remember and better respected by internet users.[/li]

[li]For a website that belongs to a legally registered organization or business, choose a name that is related to your organization's name.[/li]

[li]Finally, be patient: take your time and generate lots of domain names, and immediately use a service like to check availability, until you find the perfect one.[/li][/list]

Originally posted on, May 25, 2004

What do webmasters need to know when trying to select the perfect domain names? Please feel free to add your comments.

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