How to choose a career according to your personality type?

Have you ever thought whether your career suits you or not? After reading the article you will know which jobs are suitable for every type of personality.

What job is suitable for you?

Personality type is determined by various combinations of the following characteristics: extraversion and introversion, irrationality and rationality, logic and ethics, intuition and sensing. These features provide a very holistic portrait of the man and his innate qualities. Let's briefly look at each of them.

 Extroverts and introverts

Attention of extroverts (E) is directed mainly to the outside world. They perceive it as a sum of objects. They have a wide range of interests. Extroverts tend not to educate and alter people: people are seen for what they are.

Introverts (I) pay attention primarily to their inner world and relationships between people. Introverts are more likely to create and alter objects and "educate" them. They are more focused on the relationships and interactions.

 Extroverts and introverts have a number of external differences. For example, extroverts differ in gestures, introverts usually do not gesticulate. Introverts are usually described as "modest". But this is not the inner modesty, but simply a way of expressing themselves.

 Irrationals and rationals

Irrationals are oriented to the direct perception, tend to see new opportunities. Sometimes they are slow in decision-making, long time watching the developments and collecting information. Irrationals quickly react to the volatile situation. Their behavior and emotions are difficult to predict in advance. The most creative impulses come from them, when they need to find a way out of financial difficulties. Their driving force is impressive.

How to make a deal?

Rationals are guided by intellect and tradition, tend to have a firm opinion on the main issues coming across in life. If circumstances change, they need some time to adjust and adapt. These types are also called "judging". Rationals immediately react on emotions with their own emotions, therefore, the representatives of this type seem to be strict and decisive. Their emotions are sometimes too harsh and cold.

Ethics and Logic

 Ethics are comparing the content of the judgment with the moral norms and values accepted in society. In conversation they often use colorful adjectives and epithets: wonderful, amazing, cute, creepy, disgusting.

Intuitive and sensory

 Intuition class of people sorts the information in time, considers the development of processes from the past into future.

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 Sensor system people sort the information in the space. This information is about health, safety, strength and endurance. Such people more fully perceive the nature, art, enjoy all the visible, audible, perceptible, have a clearly marked rhythm of life. At the same time, this type of people lives for the day. All that will happen tomorrow, is a bit unexpected for him. They rely on the strength and will.

People working

Aptitudes and Professions

Knowing your personality type you can successfully choose your occupation. Let's find out in what areas may be the most successful representatives of different psychological types. In the social sector (doctors, cooks, masseurs, tourism managers, educators, teachers, therapists, social workers) will find themselves people with strong ethics and sensory functions. Representatives of these types are able to communicate with people, to establish relations, they are emotional by nature. At the same time, they are consistent, based on what is tested and reliable. Representatives of these types will be able to build relationships in the team, sometimes acting as covert psychologists. They are able to empathize, to persuade and to feel the hidden needs of the people. Sphere of Communication (advertising, journalism, psychology, PR, ideology, art) is suitable for the types of people, whose strong functions are ethics and intuition.

Interpersonal skills and the ability to understand human relationships is excellently combined in them. Representatives of these types of people can be engaged in promotional activities and diplomatic functions. They are happy to take responsibility for rest and celebration activities, they will establish the necessary contacts with the right people, enthusiastically talk about new theories, interesting exhibitions, books, as well as goods and services. In the production and management services (such professions as an administrator, supervisor, accountant, economist, worker, technician) undoubted leaders may be people with strong logic and sensory functions.

How to choose?

This peculiar type of people is characterised by perseverance, thoroughness, accuracy. Other psychological types have no such analytical type of mind, the ability to organize work and to successfully complete the job. They are based on facts, can entrust all types of work related to scheduling and various logic circuits. They are able to solve highly complexed technical issues. Scientific studies (all types of scientific research, economic processes, as well as marketing, consulting) promises success for people with strong intuition and logic functions.

Working atmosphere

Intuition helps them to search for new resources and opportunities. They are able to predict the development of markets, change activity, analyze complex scientific theories.

Incentives for success

 Now, knowing the characteristics of different types, we ask ourselves the following question: "How to do the work, not only by the order of a superior, but also with enthusiasm". Of course, monetary reward is important for all people. However, there are intangible incentives for activities which are explained by the type of human personality.

 Introverted people with a predominance of sensory function are focused on improving the welfare and quality of life. So, the stimulus for representatives of these types could be the creation of comfortable conditions. For such people it is very important that the work brings a reliable piece of bread - guaranteed stable income.

 Extroverted people with a predominance of sensory functions prefer being promoted. In contrast to the comfort they appreciate prestige. Such employees should be encouraged by the good work, emphasizing its high status. Such a person can be a leader, an organizator.

 Representatives of the introverted type with a predominance of intuition function above all have personal interest in work or study. The best results can be achieved if to encourage such a person with interested to him work.

 In contrast to the introverted type, extroverts with a predominance of intuition look for uniqueness. Representatives of these types are full of all sorts of ideas. They can give a sound advice on innovations. The best stimulus for them is praise for the non-standard decision.

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