NYSC news: why is the second orientation course for the Batch A 2016 postponed?

Has the date of Batch A 2nd training was changed? Find out now.

In 2016 NYSC started on March 2. National Youth Service Corps got a new GD this year. His name is Sule Kazaure and he came to replace Brigadier-General Olawumi. Various rumors of reducing or increasing NYSC allowance catch attention of the public in Nigeria. And now we have more NYSC news.

nysc news

Batch A orientation course is canceled?

Well, it is not exactly canceled but just postponed. It was meant to start on May 21. However, the news came about the change of plan. Unfortunately National Youth Service Corps reports of having the lack of funds. This problem was discussed earlier this year throughout all the April. No solution was found for the situation.

Thus, presently NYSC is forced to announce about postponing the start date of the 2 stream for the Batch A camp. Presently the new date of start is unknown. NYSC had to apologize for such a state of things and continued to communicate with the government on funding.

lack of funds

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Presently it seems like the situation has been resolved and government decided to release the funds needed for the orientation course. Still the start date has to be changed. All the corpers are to watch for the new date! Share your opinion on the problem in comments section.

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