What jobs are in demand?

Always, even in crisis times, employers wanted to see the competent specialists and professionals "loaded" on success in the team. Desire to develop, study, constantly to be enhanced — here the main criteria on which employers will rely for a long time, selecting candidates.

So today we are going to speak about jobs that nowadayes are in great demand. 

  In case of the choice of specialty you shouldn't pursue fashionable innovations or imaginary prestigiousness. The concept of a demand of a profession is very subjective. If today employers actively open vacancies in search of specialists of a certain profile, it doesn't mean that tomorrow demand will be same high. A bright example of that — lawyers and financiers. It is difficult to find humanities university which doesn't issue specialists of this direction. Because of a large number of graduates in the labor market glut and the huge competition was formed. Today to representatives of this profession to find work without experience extremely difficult.

There is a list of top professions in demand in 2016

If you don't know what professions will be demanded in 5 years, choose among those which really are pleasant to you. If the decision is imposed by parents or society against your will, there is a probability that in 5-10 years it is necessary to be retrained. If a choice is made consciously, work will motivate and force to move forward.

IT- specialists

  It is unlikely somebody to be surprised, having learned that specialists of the sphere of "Information Technology" enjoy the highest popularity in the labor market. By the way, their salary and the prospect of career development also don't lag behind.

  Experts note that rapid development of branch will provoke emergence of new specialties which now aren't known yet.

  The list of demanded professions in IT sphere:

  •     HTML designer;
  •     web designer;
  •     web programmer;
  •     content manager;
  •     1C programmer;
  •     software tester;
  •     system administrator.

Specialists in the sphere of medicine

Relevance of experts in the sphere of medicine in 2016 will remain at the high level. All want to be healthy and to look good. People spend for various medicines and consultations more and more, providing employment to doctors and experts of the pharmaceutical sphere.

  One more reason of popularity of professions — introduction of new technologies and systems of diagnostics for detection and treatment of diseases.


The rating of demanded professions in medicine:

  • dentist;
  • therapist;
  • pediatrician;
  • gynecologist;
  • neurologist;
  • surgeon;
  • urologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • dermatologist.

Sphere of sales and advertizing

Employers are ready to pay a high salary only to those employees who really bring benefit to the company. Account executives just treat these employees and can expect a worthy salary even during crisis.

The most demanded professions of 2016 in the sphere of sales and PR are headed:

  • sales manager;
  • head of sales office;
  • business development manager;
  • brand manager;
  • account manager.

Working specialists

  By the way, it is observed today that there is an acute shortage of specialists of this sphere, so if you are a revelant person for this job, you will be hired even without work experience.

  Considering professions demanded in the future, it is necessary to mark out employees of productions and the sphere "working personnel":

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  • driver;
  • electric and gas welder;
  • assembler;
  • service technician;
  • electrician;
  • fitter;
  • carpenter;
  • concreter;
  • bricklayer;
  • plasterer.

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