10 most powerful militaries in the world

Safety is one of the top priorities in our world both for individuals and for countries. Which country has the most powerful military? Find out now.

Every country needs defense. It has always been one of the key issues of every state’s affairs and duties. The government must protect not only people, but also borders and territory. You are probably eager to know which armies are considered the most successful in it. Let’s observe 10 most powerful militaries in the world. However, before it, we must understand the key things about the army.

 most powerful militaries in the world

So, what is the military? This phenomenon is usually called armed forces. They are allowed to apply deadly force as well as weapons to support and protect the interests of a particular state and of all or a part of its citizens. The main task of the armed forces is to defend citizens and the country itself and to prosecute against the other states. Depending on the country, they can also have additional duties.

Military personnel

Before we can talk about 10 most powerful militaries in the world,we need to find out which types of manpower may be used in them. They include:

Soldiers. This is land-based forces. There exist several kinds of soldiers, depending on ranks, duties, duration of service (limited or unlimited), and so on. Their primary obligations are:

powerful militaries in the world

  • base security,
  • supplies and troops transportation,
  • humanitarian missions,
  • enemy targets engaging,
  • law enforcement, etc.

Marines. They are also part of naval forces; however, they can help in operations both on land and on the water. They also carry their own operations. Their duties include:

Marines powerful militaries in the world

  • regional security,
  • rescue operations at sea,
  • medical support,
  • marine cleanups,
  • support of ground-based operations,
  • training missions at sea etc.

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Airmen. They are part of air power in any country. There might be different classes of airmen, from basic to the first class. Both males and females are allowed to serve in the air forces. Let’s see what they actually do. The list of their missions contains the following:

Airmen powerful militaries in the world

  • air support (for on-land operations),
  • rescue missions,
  • cargo transportation,
  • targets monitoring,
  • strategic locations protection,
  • airborne mapping,
  • medical assistance,
  • bombing runs,
  • aerospace systems maintenance, etc.

These are the common types of military men. They are all specially trained in their field. It is impossible to achieve military strength without them.


World’s most powerful armies cannot exist without proper equipment. Tools have always been important in any military conflict. Sometimes they can even define the result of the war. Of course, they have been changing throughout history. Nowadays there are plenty of modern technologies, which are applied by armed forces. Many scientists and engineers keep working on their development. Some of the inventions might be appropriate for training soldiers, and the others very useful in the battle. There are several types of technologies. They are:

Space. They usually include various satellites, mostly for spying or detecting targets or threats. Here we can also talk about anti-satellite and laser weapons (created for the destruction of spy equipment). The strongest nations in the world try to develop ballistic missiles, which can be used as nuclear weaponry across big distances. Even intercontinental ones have already been created.

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Space Military

Mobilization. Such technologies are necessary for transportation. They allow moving weaponry and troop from one location to the other. Various land vehicles, such as chariots and tanks are used on the ground. On water, ships are applied. Now, when we have developed aviation, airplanes are very important component of modern warfare. Two main kinds of them are bombers (for land targets attacks) and fighters (for other aircrafts attacks).


Defense. This category includes different types of constructions, known as fortifications. Some of them are quite old (like the Great Wall of China). They might be of various size and height.


Communication and sensors. They are very essential to detect enemies. They also help to control the operation, guide the troops, and navigate weaponry. Modern tools include radars, satellites, bombsights, proximity fuses, and so on.

militarie communication and sensors.

Cyberwarfare. This is comparatively new type. It is necessary to prevent espionage and sabotage by means of computer technologies. Most of the strongest militaries in the world have made it an integral part of the whole strategy.

militarie dyberwarfare.

As the world keeps developing, more and more technologies are to appear in the coming years.

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10 strongest armies in the world

Now when you know more about armed forces and they key features, we may start observing world power country ranking. How do you think, which country is the strongest in the world? To define it we need to consider such factors as budget, manpower, air and navy forces etc. Let’s look at the world powers ranking:

  1. The USA. It is not probably a surprise that they have the strongest army in the world (at least one of them). The key thing is that the government spends enormous amounts of money on this sphere. The total sum is about $612.5 billion, which is more than all the rest of the countries in the list spend altogether. The most outstanding thing about them is the quantity of soldiers (1.4 million of militaries and 800,000 reservists). Besides, they have an impressive fleet with 19 aircraft carriers. This country is very advanced in technologies. For example, they use rail guns for navy forces. Moreover, they own almost 8000 nuclear warheads.
    USA militarie
  2. Russian Federation. The recent defense budget of this country is comparatively lower than that of the US. It is about $76.6 billion. However, the government is going to raise it by 44% within the next three years. It is also essential to notice that since 2008, their spending on military have grown by third. The process of strengthening this sphere started in 2000. The total personnel of the state comprises about 770,000 soldiers and 2.5 million reservists. Nevertheless, compared to the US army, the soldiers receive mediocre training. As for the equipment, Russia possesses the largest amount of tanks in the world (more than 15,000). Moreover, they have almost 9,000 active nuclear warheads, which make them the leader in the field.
    Russian militarie
  3. China. The budget of this country spent on military is more than the Russian one – $126 billion. There are great investments in the defense sphere, which allow expecting the total budget to increase by 12.2% soon. Active personnel totals 2,285 million soldiers, while the quantity of reservists is 2.3 million people. Such numbers are very impressive. Along with 25,000 vehicles, it is considered the largest land force in the world. They also have 2,800 aircrafts. China possesses 300 nuclear weapons and almost 200 ways of their deployment.
    China militarie
  4. India. The current budget is $46 billion; however, they want to raise it. You possibly know that the population of this country is very large. Thus, they take all the benefits from this fact. Their army includes 3.5 million soldiers & 1,325 million of whom are active military. This factor is essential and it is the reason why India has had one of the greatest army for many years. They possess 16,000 land vehicles (including 3,500 tanks), 1,785 aircrafts, and some nuclear weapons. The ballistic missiles of the state are able to destroy the largest part of China or all of Pakistan. Besides, they are the largest military goods importer. The recent purpose of the government is to modernize the army by 2020.
    India militarie
  5. The UK. They spend $54 billion on armed forces by know. Nevertheless, the government wants to reduce the total size of it by 20%. As for the personnel, their regular force has 205,000 soldiers, air force has 908 aircrafts, and navy possesses 66 ships. The principal strengths of this army are good training and 160 nuclear weapons.
    The UK. militarie
  6. France. Current budget is $43 billion. The total amount of people (with reservists) is 500,000. They also have 1,000 aircrafts, 9,000 ground vehicles, and 290 nuclear weapons. However, the government is going to cut the spending and reduce the defense jobs by 10%. They are planning to save money for technologically advanced equipment.
    France militarie
  7. Germany. They spend $45 billion every year. After war, people were motivated to join army. However, to prevent militarization, mandatory military service was eliminated in 2011. Nowadays they have 183,000 active personnel and 145,000 reservists. Besides, the country owns 710 aircrafts and 5,000 on-land armament.
    Germany militarie
  8. Turkey. This country was motivated by plenty of strong Islamic states around it as well as unstable situation in Syria. In 2015, their spending on military increased by 10%. The budget is more than $18 billion. The total army size is above 660,000 soldiers. They own 1000 aircraft and 16,000 land weapons.
    Turkey militarie
  9. South Korea. Nothing to wonder, because this country shares borders with North Korea, which has a really strong army. Current budget is $34 billion. They have 640,000 active military men and 2.9 million reservists. Korea is the 6th greatest air force with 1,393 aircrafts. As for the Navy, they own 166 ships. Besides, they possess 15,000 land weapons, including rockets and tanks.
    South Korea.
  10. Japan. According to the treaty after WW-II they are prohibited to have an offensive army. However, their power keeps increasing. The spending totals $49.1 billion. General quantity of soldiers is more than 300,000. Japan is the 5th air force with 1,595 aircrafts. Moreover, they have 131 war ships.
    Japan military

Now you know about the greatest militaries in the world and their key features. To defend the country, the government must spend lots of money and make plenty of efforts. Quantity is not always enough. Equipment is getting more and more importance in the modern world. 


Undoubtedly, each country must be able to defend themselves, to keep the attack hostile countries. Some countries, such as the US, are budgeted huge sums of money, which in the end do not steal, and to fully spend on defense capability of the country. Countries where there is a good army, a high level of awareness can provide its citizens peace, order and peaceful sleep. Any state should always be prepared for the invasion of foreign troops on its territory, and always defeat the enemy. Only together can achieve success and peace.

Answered 1 year ago.

Imagine a country with the world's largest percentage of population in the army. The state in which all men from 20 to 50 – the military, literally sleeping with a gun under the bed. The state, which after 50 just gives you the gun, and glad to see you to the grave at the training camp and landfills. State, beg you to buy at least a gun (and better-rifle) at a discount. The state can expand from 22 th in two to four hours (!) 650-thousand, and in two days, 1.7-million (!) army, well trained, organized, and very well armed. (for example – the US army – 1.3 million plus the same reserve army of China – 2.4 million, plus 1 million reserve). Actually stable neutrality is maintained not only by the army and a strict no-who-accept. Of course, talking about the fact that "all keep there money" – children's babble. Before and immediately after the Second World the same banking haven was and Belgium. And what is the result? Roll it into a pancake by tanks and killed by British bombs almost more than German. Let's face it – Switzerland saves the day – no it is not a springboard, and not a tactical corridor. Nafig she did not need any army.

Answered 1 year ago.
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