Benefits of sex education in school

Should sex education be done at home or in the schools? See the pros and cons of it.

 sex education in school

People keep arguing about this subject. Is it good or bad to have the sex education in schools and how it impacts the kids? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons.

Sex education pros:

These things benefit your kids, when they get the information timely and in proper manner. Good education never hurts.

  • Knowing and understanding their bodies
    When you know how to use a thing, you do it safely and wisely. Kids grow up and their bodies change rapidly. If they understand the nature of the change, they can better cope with it and instead of abusing new desires and abilities, use them wisely. Or store them for later!
    Benefits of sex education
  • Dismantling the myths
    Sex has many myths. These can be dangerous. Once a father has brought his teenage girl to the hospital in US. Her boyfriend came along. She had severe pains in the lower belly. None of them suspected she was pregnant and ready to deliver a baby. Yes, she gained weight and had a belly, but daddy did not know she was engaged in sexual relations with the boyfriend.
    When she delivered the baby boy, the doctor had to find out why parents had no clue on their daughter’s condition. She also asked the boyfriend. The young man said: she cannot be pregnant. If you have sex standing up, that’s impossible! That’s one of the sex myths and these teen have fallen prey of it.
  • Keeping teens healthy
    The course includes information on sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. This way kids learn more about the risks they take doing it. It can save their lives!
  • Avoiding unwanted pregnancies
    Even if sex education cannot hold back the kids from getting busy, it can at least help to prevent the pregnancies in teens. If they know how to use condoms, they can stay healthy and safe.

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 education in school

Sex education cons:

However, such a thing has some side effects to deal with. Here are some of them.

  • Religion
    At times it may contradict the religion of the child or the parents. That’s why it is such a controversial topic.
  • Kids can get out of control in class
    The topic is very exciting and the teacher has to be experienced and tough to hold them down and maintain the discipline.
  • Excitement
    It may introduce untimely disturbances into the minds of young children. That’s why it has to be done with care. The perfect place for such education is at home, when parents teach their kids true things about life.

As you see, sex education has pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which ones are more significant.

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