Best poly in Nigeria – 10 top

Need a good school to enter? Get a list of 10 best polytechnics in Nigeria and make a smart choice for your future.

Education is necessary for everyone, who wants to reach something in life. Without a degree, it is really tough to find a good and well-paid job. Many students nowadays are interested in engineering. That is why they are looking for the best poly in Nigeria.

Best poly in Nigeria – 10 top

Let’s, first, find out about the term. Poly is short for polytechnicsin Nigeria. It usually refers to the institutes or universities of technology. There exist different types of them. They might be schools of higher education or a research or vocational institutions. Most of them specialize in science, technology, engineering, and other technical subjects.

How to select the best poly

Best poly in Nigeria To find the bestpoly in Nigeria, it's advisable to get more data about all the existing ones. However, not everyone actually knows which features to pay attention to while choosing the best polytechnic in Nigeria. Have closer look at the following ones:

Curriculum (there are educational institutes, which may offer special programs, for instance, for computer science or any other subject). So, any student must decide what s/he is interested in.

Opportunities (there're schools offering scholarships or internships within the country and abroad, plenty of them cooperate with the other universities and propose exchange programmes). Thus, you need to think of it properly – whether you would like to go abroad, to visit new places. Try to find out more about different universities and the opportunities they offer.

Best poly Kind of property. There are both state and private universities in Nigeria. It may influence the costs of tuition. Some state schools cover part of expenses and they also can be lower, while private ones require more money to spend.

Visit the location and find out about facilities. It is actually really important what surrounds you. You may be interested, for example, in nightlife. Or you are probably very keen on sport and need a sport club nearby.Best poly in Nigeria – 10 top

Tuition costs.
It is easier for you, if you are able to pay for your education as much as necessary. Nevertheless, learn more about various offers and possibilities of scholarship.

If you are really eager to find the most appropriate school, this point is very important. It will be wonderful, if it has international recognition. Your employment opportunities will become much higher in this case.

Besides the difference, all the schools possess, the learner should understand, what s/he needs and wants. Consider the following issues:

  • How much money are you ready to spend on education?
  • What are you going to do after graduation (it concerns job)?
  • Which subjects are you really interested in?
  • Are you interested in research or do you want participating in exchange programmes?

These are key questions you need to observe before selecting definite university.

Top 10 poly in Nigeria

Now we can observe the ranking. According to the recent data, the list of best polytechnic in Nigeria includes the following:

  1. Nekede Poly.
    Nekede PolyAccording to their admission policy, they provide both full-time and part-time courses. Possible fields contain technology, applied science, commerce and management, industry and agriculture. There are also different durations of programs, which depend on the diploma types (higher, post higher, certificate, etc.). Besides, they offer a job for successful students (at least one year of experience). There are good medical and sports facilities.
  2. Osun State Polytechnic Iree.Osun State Polytechnic Iree.
    It's one of the best and well-known tertiary institutions in the country. There you can get an academic degree in management, finances, engineering, sciences, environmental studies etc. Part-time is possible as well.
  3. Yabatech.
    Yabatech. This college of technology is situated in Lagos. It was the first institution of higher education in Nigeria. They can train you in design, environmental studies, engineering, technologies etc. They provide whether full-time or part-time education. There are also plenty of opportunities to attend seminars and conferences, take part in projects. It is famous for good teaching and research.
  4. Oko Poly.
    Oko PolyIt is quite young school, but it has already managed to gain some success and fame. It keeps attracting large number of students with the help of interesting campus life as well as good research opportunities. Remember, here you'll have to pay acceptance fees. Hostel is also chargeable.
  5. Auchi Poly.
    Auchi PolyThe reputation of this school used to be better. However, it is still a nice university to get higher or post higher education diploma. What is peculiar about the school, is the great variety of programs, including physics, chemistry, biology, fashion design and technology, engineering, applied sciences, agricultural technologies, and many others.
  6. Laspotech.
    LaspotechIn recent years this institution has become much better. It has part-time and full-time departments. It proposes specializations connected with production, farming, agriculture, computer technologies, management, business administration, and so on. There's good choice here.
  7. Imo Poly.
    Imo Poly. It is considered the best state institution after Osun Iree. There is possibility of getting scholarships in the US University. Programs are available for learning during the weekends. You will also like wide range of campus facilities. They offer sport, music, art, theatre, and other things.
  8. Mapoly.
    Its full title is Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. Here you can study management, sciences, environment, engineering, etc. Part-time is also possible.
  9. Fed Poly Ilaro.
    Here you are able to get all necessary support in selecting a course. There are many services as well, among them: sport, recreation, publication, clubs, and others. The main spheres available are management, science, engineering, and environment.
  10. Ibadan Poly.
    It has all the chances to reach the first position in the ranking. There you will find a health center, a good library, vocational department, and so on. Complex of faculties is same as in previous universities.

t poly in Nigeria These are the best universities, which you can choose to get education in this field. All the details on each poly can be found on their web sites. Always pay attention to all the things, which are essential for you (such as costs, accommodation, facilities, etc.). These things may differ depending on a certain institution.

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Remember that education is your clue to successful life. That’s why you must think properly and select only the best school for you. However, the choice will depend on many factors, including your personal preferences.

Best poly in Nigeria2In Nigeria, there is a large quantity of good polytechnics. They are situated in various parts of country, which allows you to choose one not far from where you live. Take every little detail into account, decide what you're going to do in future, and take your chance. If you work really hard, everything will be possible. In the case, you are diligent and lucky, you can even count on a scholarship.

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Today a very large selection of educational institutions. Where to go to study? Anyone who diligently studies will gain education. Rightly so I am ready to pay any amount of money to get an education and get a good knowledge. After all, our future depends on education.

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