Best universities in Africa – 10 top for Nigerians

Education is a make it or break it factor for human life. It can pave your way to success, so pick the Univeristy wisely and look up the list of the best available institutions of Africa.

Every young Nigerian, who wants to get really good education, is always looking for a good university for this purpose. It is not that easy to find the best university in Africa without any efforts. However, if you learn hard and know what you want doing in life – this mission can become possible.
Best universities in Africa

Studying in one of the African universities the student has a unique possibility to not only learn his or her curriculum, but to find out lots of exciting things about African culture and people. Your experience will differ according to the part of the continent you choose.

The best universities are usually situated in the north or south, for example, in Egypt or South Africa. Top schools also include the ones in Nigeria, Kenya, Nairobi, and so on. They vary depending on the type of property. Thus, there're state universities (which are financed by the state) and private ones (they get money from commercial organizations or just a private person).

Choosing the university

As it has already been mentioned, universities may differ according to various factors. This distinction may lie in:

  •  universities in Africa Curriculum (some educational institutes may have special programs, for instance, for literature or any other subject). So, a student needs to decide which subjects he/she is interested in.
  • Opportunities (there are universities that offer scholarship or internship in the country of studying or ever abroad, many of them cooperate with the other universities abroad and have exchange programs).
    Thus, you should think of it properly – whether you want going abroad, visiting new places. Try to know more about different universities and the opportunities they propose.
  • Type of property. We mentioned that there are state and private universities in Africa. It influences the price of tuition. If state schools cover part of the expenses amount and it is usually lower, private ones demand more money to spend.

Beside the difference the universities possess, the student should understand, what he/she needs. Try to consider the following questions:

  • universities in Africa – 10 top How much money can you spend on education?
  • What do you really want doing after graduation?
  • Which subjects are you mostly interested in?
  • What African country do you want to study in?
  • Do you want travelling or participating in any student exchange programs?

These are the key questions you have to answer before selecting a definite university.

Best universities in Africa – 10 top for Nigerians

The best state Universities in Africa include:

  1. The University of Cape Town.Best universities in Nigerians
    It is a state school which is located in South Africa. Founded in 1829, it has a great history. It gives many opportunities for research. You may get a scholarship if you deserve one (they consider school examination results and individual achievements). If you're fond of sport, you can get a scholarship as well. This university offers an opportunity to study abroad during the semester. You can choose different courses, including Commerce, Humanities, Engineering, Science, Law, and many others.
  2. Cairo University.
    It is a state school located in Egypt. It offers outstanding research centers for postgraduate studies. It is quite old university, which takes its roots from 1908. It proposes you up to 27 departments and institutes with very different specializations – from engineering to kindergarten. There is also many opportunities to get a scholarship for studying abroad (they are usually given by Czech, US, Japan, China, Islamabad universities and governments). Besides, there are lots of scholarships for research projects.
  3. University of Pretoria.10 top universities for Nigerians
    It is a very large state university in South Africa. It is supposed to be the country's leading research university. It can offer more than 1500 programs of study either in English or in Afrikaans. Being established in 1908, the school managed to become a modern educational center, consisting of nine departments and a business school. There're many wonderful opportunities for the international students here. More than 5000 of them study at the UP. They also offer different exchange programs and opportunities for studying abroad.
  4. University of Nairobi.
    It’s a public university of Kenya. The important place here is given to research. They have their own publications on different subjects. There are also good job opportunities after graduation. It proposes a great quantity of programs, including Science, Architecture, Agriculture, Humanities, Social work, and many others. There’s a possibility to get distant education. Various funds often suggest scholarships and grants. The university closely cooperates with foreign partners.
  5. University of South Africa. universities in Africa top for Nigerians
    It is the biggest university in Africa. Research work has great support here. The school got lots of awards for the research projects. They pay lots of attention to African culture and art that is why those who are keen on these things will be impressed. Of course, in UNISA you can apply for a scholarship.
  6. Witwatersrand University.
    It is a public institution of South Africa that considered one of the oldest. There is a great possibility for research here – they have several research institutes, groups, and many high-ranked scientists. They always welcome students from abroad, so you have chance. It is possible to participate in the exchange program. As an international student, you'll have to pay tuition expenses and fees for registration.
  7. Stellenbosch University.Best universities in Africa 1
    It’s one of the leading research centers in South Africa. English is used here as an international academic language, which means that students from abroad are always welcome. There are more than 10 faculties in this university. They are very different so you can choose the most interesting for you. You have an opportunity to get a sport, merit, or study bursary. There are also loans for the students in need.
  8. University of Ibadan.
    This is the only Nigerian school in the list. It is a public university that focuses on research and learning. It’s also possible to get distant education here. The impressive number of faculties includes Medicine, Art, Agriculture, Law, Science, Technology, and so on. There are centers of research and the center of Yoruba language learning as well. That means that you can learn more about Nigerian culture. READ ALSO: What is education?
  9. University of Dar es Salaam. universities in Africa – 10 top 1
    It is a state university of Tanzania, which offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees along with various certification programs.
    There're plenty of research centers here and it’s also possible to get grants for such kind of work. 
  10. Rhodes University.
    It's a South African state school. As many others, it has research opportunities and it welcomes international students also. It is a good choice for sportsmen. This university takes part in international cooperation.

Best universities for Nigerians 1The best private universitiesin Africa include:

  • Ashesi University (Ghana),
  • Landmark University (Nigeria),
  • Covenant University (Nigeria),
  • Libyan International Medical University (Libya) and several others.
  • Unilag (Nigeria)

To enter any foreign university, you'll need a special study visa in most cases.

Entering the university's an important step for a young Nigerian. To make sure you are doing everything right, follow the advice:

  • choose the subject you like most,
  • decide whether you want studying abroad,
  • learn the information about universities and facilities they offer,
  • choose one of  the best universities in Africa for you and prepare all the documents they demand,
  • work hard to become a professional.


To be honest i have heard alot of good words about University of Pretoria And since i was 17 i always wanted to be accepted there. But my mother told me that she would never bear to see me so far away from home. But this university offers a lot of opportunities for a student. One can get a Bachelor degree and also a Master degree there.I have friend who are studying there to be a lawyer.I hope one day i will be lucky enough to visit it. I would be glad to obtain a PhD there in 3 years. I will do everything i can to be accepted.

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