Best university in the world – 2015 for Nigerians

Eduation is important. Pick the best and oldest school possible as your alma mater and pave your way up to success.

Every young Nigerian starts thinking of his/her future. Higher education is a necessary thing nowadays for those who really want to reach something in this life. If you are an assiduous student and you have been working hard during your school years, you can choose any educational institute you like. The best universities in the world always welcome good learners from abroad.

Best university in the world

In order to make the right choice you should know what subjects you are interested in or good at, because various schools may specialize in different fields of knowledge. You also need to know that there are private and state universities, the distinction between which lies in the funding.

The world best universities

There are plenty of wonderful schools, which admit students from abroad. Top universities in the world include the following:

1.Harvard University. It is probably the best private school known worldwide. It is situated in the United States and considered one of the oldest (its history starts from 1636). It is famous for its graduates about 40 of whom are Nobel laureates. You will find not only lots of departments but great number of libraries, museums, and clubs there. There is a boundless opportunity for learning history, because they have their own Redcliff Institute specializing on it.

 Harvard University.

2.University of Cambridge. It is a very famous old public institution located in England. Here they pay much attention to the research work. It is even possible to get a scholarship for it. You can find any course you like – never mind, whether you like studying Languages (either modern or medieval ones), Chemistry, Economics, Medicine, Geography, or Music. There are great possibilities for everyone.

University of Cambridge.

3.Oxford University. It's a research school of England. They possess several divisions for such kind of work. There're also many libraries. Here you will have a chance to study Humanities, Medicine, Math, and Social Science. An impressive number of faculties will give you an opportunity to choose something you really keen on.

Oxford University.

4.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is private US institution focused on the research. They have their own laboratories and centers for this work. Those students who are fond of modern technologies will be absolutely welcome here. There are good facilities for sports and arts as well.

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

5.Stanford University. It’s a private university located in the US (California). Research takes an important place in the life of this school. They own several enterprises and libraries. Besides people here are always aiming at innovations. Here you can study Engineering, Science, Humanities, Law, Education, Medicine, and many other courses.

Stanford University.

6.Berkeley University of California. This state US academy also specializes in research. There are a lot of special programs, museums, collections, and publications. They offer an impressive diversity of courses including Art, Astronomy, and Applied Science. Here much attention is given to the studies of different nations’ culture. So, wherever you come from, you can find like-minded people.

Berkeley University of California.

7.Princeton University. It is a private Ivy League school, which is situated in the USA. You will be able to select from the variety of study programs. Students are always supported here both in class and individually. The center for international learners exists here. They can get any consultation and get necessary help in it. Traditions of many nations are carefully guarded here and lots of festivals take place every year.

Princeton University.

8.Yale University. This very solid private institution belongs to Ivy League as well. They propose a large quantity of programs containing Cultural Studies (including Africa one), Architecture, Biology, Arts, Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Economics, and more. There's a research center with three divisions and several big libraries.

Yale University.

9.California Institute of Technology. It is a US private university. Here you can select the curriculum on Physics, Engineering, Humanities, Biology, Geology, or Chemistry (however, they mostly focus on technologies). Online learning is possible in this school as well. Besides, there are opportunities for scientific research.

 California Institute of Technology.

10.Columbia University. This private Ivy League school locates in the very heart of the US – The New York City. They offer an impressive number of departments and programs of learning. There are also centers for cultural studies (including African). Clinical, animal, and digital research is possible here. You can not only get necessary knowledge here, but also know more about different people and their nations.

 Columbia University.

There are many more distinguished educational institutions all over the world. However, to enter one of them you must be smart and quite hard-working. You will not be able to study in one of these universities without making efforts.

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How to enter

Being an international student, you need to know about the entrance rules. They are mostly the same for all the universities. You will always need the following things:

  1. First of all, special type of student visa is required. You can get it before leaving your native country.
  2. To enter any European, Australian, or US university you will have to pass special exams – TOEFL or EILTS and get appropriate scores (their number depends on the definite university) to confirm your knowledge of English.
  3. Online application. You send it on the Internet (using email).
  4. A recommendation letter. It can by written by your teacher, principal, or any school official.
  5. If you go to American college, you will have to pass Scholastic Aptitude Test (known as SAT) or American College Test.
  6. Official document from your school is obligatory. High School transcript should contain all your marks.
  7. A paper containing exam scores from your native country will also be necessary.
  8. Admission essay. Most international schools demand it and it can be a key point of the decision.
  9. You’ll have to fill in Statement of Financial Resources form to confirm your legal income. That means that you will be able to pay for your studies.

Best university 2015These are the most common requests of the majority of schools. Of course, they may differ, so you will have to check them in the particular university you have selected. Sometimes they demand medical certifications (that you don’t have AIDS, for instance).

University term is one of the hardest and at the same time most exciting parts of our life. It must be mentioned that the choice we make in the youth influences our future and life. That's why it is so important to make it right. So take your time and think everything over.

Every Nigerian wants to study in one of the world best universities. And it's possible. However, to reach such purpose you need to be diligent and try very hard during all your school years. Your efforts will give you a chance to make you dreams come true in the future. If you are smart enough and are ready to battle all the difficulties, then select the college that best suits you. Choose the specialization and decide what you are planning to do after graduation – what job you prefer to get or which field of research you are fond of.

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Harvard University is the standard by which all other research universities are measured. No school has ever challenged its position as the world’s premier academic institution in the history of the Shanghai rankings.

It would be invidious to single out any of Harvard’s many academic departments for its excellence, for the school’s principal claim on the #1 position lies in the fact that it is at or very near the top in nearly every field across the entire spectrum of the sciences and the humanities!

Answered 2 years ago.

In the world there are many universities and institutes, and, of course, every student wants to study in a famous prestigious University. However, to enter a truly cool school is very difficult, moreover, sometimes education has to pay, so, of course, all students want to study at the free University office and also to get a scholarship. Prestigious world Universities will have the opportunity to receive a quality education and a reputable diploma, but also to have some acquaintance with influential personalities, future geniuses, famous actors, to organize a business with a representative of the wealthy class.

Answered 2 years ago.

Recognition of university approved by best according several criteria, paying attention both teaching and research, discoveries made by university. Most important in evaluating quality of teaching is leader, estimated private services, science, each teacher, conducted tests and examinations with very high complexity determine knowledge base of students. Mandatory step in recognition of University of best on international level is analysis of scientific research, which is conducted school. Get to this university quite hard, candidates are carefully selected.

Answered 2 years ago.

Hello to all forum! Undoubtedly, the presence of higher education is a very good indicator of each of us! Since the person who graduated from a higher educational institution has a certain stock of knowledge which uses in everyday life, during the working process and in other cases. Today there are many popular and prestigious world universities, where each of us can gain knowledge and acquire specialty that he likes the!I think each of us can get this knowledge! So use your chance! After all, an expert on higher education is always in high demand!

Answered 2 years ago.
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