Date Of SAT Exam In Abuja And How To Register?

When Is Sat Exam Taking Place In Abuja And How Can I Register

Since I havent been able to get admission into any Nigerian University since 2005, my parents have decieded to send me to Ghana to school.

The problem here is I need to take SAT examination and I can't seem to find any useful info on the internet about the date of the exam in Abuja.

Please can anyone tell me how I can register for this exam in Abuja? Thanks.

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I would like to refer you to a board I created on this very topic and people posted replies there. I would strongly suggest you read the post at http://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-373562.0.html. There are scams out there. People who are ready to make a dash with ur money, register you with fake credit cards etc. I'll just post the reply of faith here.

1. Do not give anybody money Online for any reasons (I mean FOR ANY REASON)

2. Once you walk into any place to register, ensure it's located in a reputable environment and they have a solid structure (Building etc.). (If you are really serious about traveling abroad to further your education, going to a structure where they claim to offer these services should not pose a problem for you)

3. A good website would add credence.

4. The staffs you speak with, take a look at them if they practice what they preach.

Better still, just go to www.fngcenter.com, pay them a visit at GRA, Ikeja, and make up your mind for yourself.

Hope this helps. Whatever you do, just be careful.


The fact that I couldnt gain admission into any Nigerian University doesnt mean I didnt make my grades.

In 2005 I scored 215 in JAMB and I applied in OBafemi Awolowo University Ife, I wasnyt granted the admission even with my good SSCE result.

In 2006 I scored 227 in JAMB and I applied in University of Porthacourt. I wrote the POST UME test and my SSCE and NECO result was very OK, but I still wasnt granted the admission.

Tell me Stranger, does this mean I am DUMB as U say?

Nigeria is only Curropt as the POST UME results were out and my name wasnt there, My result wasnt even released.

Your post hurts my feelings.

My mum only feels its better to go else where than to waste another two years of my life waiting for admission even with all my good grades.

Dont judge people you dont know.

IF I knew where SAT exams will be taken and the date too, I wouldnt have asked anyone.


Contact Touche limited at 7744627 in Lagos. They do the SAT's in Lagos and other states. They have all the info you need.


College Board is very good for info's about SAT.

By Telephone

You can also contact SAT Program Customer Service by telephone Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Eastern Time). Summer hours for SAT Program Customer Service (after the June administration through August) are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Domestic: (866) 756-7346

International: (212) 713-7789

Services for Students with Disabilities: (609) 771-7137

TTY (for students who are deaf or hard of hearing):

(888) 857-2477 (Domestic)

(609) 882-4118 (International)

By Mail

The College Board SAT Program

PO Box 025505

Miami FL 33102

You can make enquiry through


Goodluck with examination. Don't be discouraged.


@ stranger

don't be such a pessimist. of course she can make SAT if she studies well for it. i wrote jamb once but wasn't satisfied with it then i opted for sat and ot a high score u just need to read and understand the question. jamb has a lot of wahala and again u hav the fear of ur paper getting seized. sometimes when u're almost assured that u've gotten admission they tell u that ur name is not on the register and u have to pay a sum of money, bullsh** so if u dnt hav a reasonable answer to her question u mustn't reply.

@ queenzy

u can logon to www.collegeboard.com

u'll get the neccessary information u require


If you can't make ordinary 5c's and score 200 on Jamb , what makes you think you can make it in Ghana? , money can't get you far in ghana.

JAMB is diiferent from SAT. SAT is a thinking (real thinking) exam, jamb is a cramming exam!

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