Governor of Kaduna threatens to imprison parents who won't send their children to school

The Governor of Kaduna State threatened the parents: he ordered to send all the children to schools this fall. Otherwise, he is going to take measures. What measures is he going to take?

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The Governor of Kaduna State in Nigeria takes the education in his state very seriously. That is why he ordered all the parents of Kaduna State to send their children to school this September. As he claimed, he will take measures if parents do not do what he said. He was threatening to imprison those who do not want to give at least primary education to their children.

Moreover, the Governor of Kaduna state warned those parents that do not want to send their children to school would be asked to leave the state, as they do not want the education in the state and the general level of literacy in Kaduna be lowered by parents who do not want a better future for their children.

The Governor also mentioned that no more begging would be allowed on the streets, as some of the parents consider this activity normal and instead of sending their children to school send them out on the streets to beg for money to feed the family.

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As the trusted sources say, this is what the Governor states in the screening of the “He named me Malala” documentary. The documentary production and screening were the initiative of his wife. The first lady, Hadiza El-Rufai, said that she is extremely concerned about the situation of the education in Kaduna state. As she mentioned in one of the interviews a lot of the girls born into the families living in Kaduna state, do not attend school. The number of girls from the state not going to school is higher than that of the boys. And for this reason, the first lady insisted on creating new good schools that provided the girls with a sufficient level of primary education.

Both the Governor of Kaduna state and his wife want to help the children from their state to grow up having a firm educational background to be an asset to the society they live in. Otherwise, they will start begging and become a burden rather than an investment into a better future for the state.

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The first lady also explained why she came to an idea of creating a documentary they called “He named me Malala.” This documentary has a real story in its foundation. Malala is a real girl who was born in Pakistan. In the view of a difficult situation with the educational prospects for children, and especially for the girls, in the country, Malala realized when she grew up a little that she has no chance to get a better education. She was very persistent in her pursue education, knocked on doors of influential people and tried different ways to get it. However, her efforts were not rewarded.

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Unfortunately, as a result of her continuous searching, she got famous in certain circles, and they were not happy about that. So one day in 2012 Malala was shot by an unknown person. As a result of the serious wound she did not die, but she got into the coma. Her case drew the attention of the mass media both national and international.

With God’s help, Malala was able to recover and come back to her sense. She used the massive attention her case drew to improve the situation with educational prospects for girls in Pakistan. Her journey to the victory in this area was not the easiest or the smoothest, but she fought for it, used all the handles she had at her disposal and was rewarded for her determination with great shifts toward the better situation in the sphere.

Malala became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the person often associated with the fight for the improvements in the female education prospects in Pakistan.  As the wife of the Governor of Kaduna state emphasized, they see the situation of the female education in their state, and they are not happy about it.

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The number of girls that do not attend school is steadily growing, and that is a bad sign for the future of their state. Those who could have become the educators or social workers or even private entrepreneurs are ignoring the opportunity to get the primary education.

Let’s face it, and this is not always the choice of the girls. The growing number of the girls not going to school is sometimes the choice their parents make for them. It is better for the financial situation of the family to send a child to beg on the street than send him/her to school. This is a long-term prospect, and all of the Kaduna state citizens can see it there. Nevertheless, the situation remains: some families experience financial difficulties and the only way out for them is to either start begging themselves or involve their children in it too. Therefore, this requires closer investigation. The authorities should get involved in the lives of underfunded families whose financial style pushes them to the measures when their children are not attending school.

Even though some measures already exist, the government of Kaduna state in Nigeria should pay better attention to those whose level of living is below the living minimum. Imprisonments or even threats will be of no great help if these people have no ability to let their children study instead of work. Therefore, people familiar with the matter recommend the Governor of Kaduna state in the view of his threats that were shown in the news to be more careful with this and instead of warning provide support and ways for these families to get by with what they have to let their children study.

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As you remember on October 1 the Governor of Kaduna state declared the emergency state in the Education area in the region. He mentioned that he sees education improvements as the main goal for him and his government for the period of 4 years of their reign in Kaduna state.

Mr. El-Rufai said that it is evident that education is what it takes to grow free people. People that have foundation can be free on the inside and can think of ways to solve political, financial and other problems on a level much higher than the primitive level uneducated folks choose. As the Governor added later, the biggest thing he wants to free Nigerian people from is the burden of illiteracy that does not let them get over the poverty, corruption and other weaknesses of the society.

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Moreover, he said that education is absolutely essential for Nigerians if they want to eyewitness the growth and development of the whole country. Educated people will stick to the laws of the country instead of violating them or at least suggest a better law in case the old one seems inadequate.

As you see, the Governor of Kaduna state is trying his best to achieve the high level of female literacy in the region. His approach to this might not be the perfect one and is discussed by many people, but that is his way to try to eliminate the illiteracy in the state. This is the second year of the reign of the current Governor and his government, and more results can be seen later, as they promised to improve the education prospects in Kaduna state within four years of the work of their government.

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