Graduate Record Examination 2016 – what you need to know to pass the exam?

How do you pass GRE exam successfully? Get the tips you need to succeed.

GRE is a kind of examination, which is carried out worldwide. It is necessary for those students, who are planning to enter the universities or colleges in the USA. It is required by all the existing graduate and professional schools. Let’s find out all the details you need to know about Graduate Record Examination 2016.

Graduate Record Examination

GRE dates in Nigeria

As in many other countries, there are special dates, when the test might be carried out in Nigeria. In 2016, in Nigeria, they differ depending on the city. Thus, Gre locations in Nigeria and their dates are as follows:

Graduate Record Examination 2016

• Lagos:

  • Graduate Record Examination in Nigeriain February – the 5th, 11th, 15th, 19th, and 29th.
  • in March – the 4th, 12th.
  • in May – the 6th.

• Abuja:

  • in February – the 5th and 11th.
  • in March – the 4th and 12th.
  • in April – the 8th.
  • in May – the 6th.

• Port Harcourt:

  • in February – the 5th and 29th.
  • in March – the 4th and 12th.


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GRE is a CBT (computer based test). It's necessary for application to any schools. That’s why you must prepare thoroughly and know all key sections of this exam. They are:

Graduate Record Examination in Lagos

Verbal. There are two sections here. Each of them consists of twenty questions. They concern such issues as analogies/synonyms, comprehension reading and sentence completions. It measures the ability of student to analyze information, to select essential points, to understand the meaning of words/sentences/texts etc.

Graduate Record Examination in Abuja

Quantitative. It is almost the same as the previous one, as there are 2 sections here as well. However, each section of 20 questions concerns arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data interpretation and quantitative comparisons topics. It measures your skills to understand, to analyze and to interpret various quantitative data, to solve mathematical problems and to use basic concepts.

Graduate Record Examination Port Harcourt

Analytical. It contains two tasks. You have half an hour for each of them. Their types are Analyze an issue and Analyze an argument. It finds out whether a student is able to make up and support complex ideas, to examine claims, to sustain discussions and to observe the elements of standard written English.

GRE what you need to know

The results of the test are usually used as a supplement to your undergraduate records as well as recommendation letters.

Now you know the basic structure, the dates and places, where you can pass GRE. You can use supportive tutorials from the Internet. Prepare very carefully. Be diligent and purposeful.


Exams invariably cause stress, accompanied by self-doubt and unwillingness to do anything about it. To cope with anxiety simply must, otherwise there is a probability to pass the exam on the positive mark you can not. In any case, do not take medications and sedatives because they only hinder concentration. To predict how the medication will react in your body, shaken by excitement, is quite difficult. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day and as often as possible to be outdoors. Set the order of the day, which will be clearly stipulated time of work and rest. Balance the food, it should be rich in protein, which nourishes the brain. Include in your menu more fruits and vegetables, with their help you will be able to recharge your positive energy and vigor.

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