Has ASUU strike been called off?

Why did participants of demonstration stopped it for 2 weeks? Why did they discharge Comrade Adams Oshiomhole from his activity? Read the article to learn the latest news.

Everyone who is interested in Nigerian Universities’ news probably interested – have ASUU strike being called off? In this article, you’ll find the latest news and decisions about it.

Has ASUU strike been called off

Has the ASUU strike been called off?

The turnout organized in national tertiary institutions lasted 111 days. Today it is cancelled for two weeks by one of ASUU, when former president of Nigeria Labor Congress has been discharged of one of three unions, being engaged in a walkout.

Oshiomhole participated in it as the intermediary between Federal Government and the unions. However, representatives of universities and professors said that activity of the governor has been made in contradiction with association.

SSANU, NASU and NAAT have organized peaceful demonstration, during which they declared that the governor isn't their colleague any more. Heads of labor unions have accused him of crisis of universities. They have also told that ASUU was the central place of activity of three-month old strike, and Oshiomhole dealt only with it.

have ASUU strike being called off

Many participants of the unions, which have been involved in peaceful demonstration, carried in hands posters, on which it was been written about fast return of strike and that salaries at institutes are unequal.

Access to an entrance to university has been limited as demonstrators occupied all place at gate. Therefore, those who had business indoors, couldn't get there.

NASU, SSANU and officials of NAAT have reported that strike was planned to continue until federal government doesn't address their requirements. Participants of strike have forced the government to give a guarantee that they immediately satisfy terms of contract, which it has concluded with teachers of university recently. Under this contract it has to provide resolution of crisis and financial support to protesters.

Has the ASUU strike been called off

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Such requirement was one of points in the statement of Joint Action Committee of universities. The unions of all levels in UNAD have withdrawn all services of concession, which are earlier provided.

It has been based on actions of the federal government, which has excluded these three unions from revision of ASUU contrary to all decisions made earlier.

Has ASUU strike being called off now

Has ASUU strike being called off now?

As a consequence, the offices of UNAD, consisting of all non-academic personnel in university community, have decided to make a stop of services with direct effect.

It has convinced participants not to concede to any form of intimidation or threat from any quarter, obeying directive of these three unions and to ignore everything what could force them to stop.

So, have ASUU strike been called off now? Yes, but it have taken a little rest to solve problems before returning again.

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