Highest allowance for NYSC by state: what is it?

Which one of the 25 states pays the highest NYSC allowance to corpers? Get the list.

NYSC allowance by state

If you do NYSC or plan on it, you surely want to find the best place and the safest state with the highest pay. This list provides information that would help you make that decision or at least know your prospective for the future.

NYSC allowance by state:

So, which one is the best to serve at? Future corpers may want to know and share this information. Some states fail to pay NYSC people at all!


1. Akwa Ibom State Pays N10,000

2. Lagos state Pays N15,000 and some times N10,000 to corpers in ministry and N5000 to those in LGA.

3.Sokoto State pays N4,000 and N9,000 to those in state hospital.

4.Enugu State Pays N10,000

5.Oyo State Pays N3,800

6.Osun State Pays N5,000

7.Kano State Pays N10,000

8.Borno State Pays N1,000

9.Niger State Pays N6,000

10.Yobe State Pays N2,500

11. Bayelsa Pays N3,000

12. Ekiti state Pays N5,000

13. Ogun State Pays N5,000

14. Delta States Pays N5,000

15. Bauchi State Pays N1,250

16.Cross River State Pays N3,090

17.Zamfara State Pays N3,000

18.Abia State Pays N5,000

19.Imo State Pays N2,000

20.Taraba state Pays N10,000

21. Kaduna State Pays 3000

22. Jigawa State Pays 10,000

23. Kano State Pays 10,000

24. Nassarawa State Pays 3,000

25. Porthacourt Has not yet paid corpers for the past 5 years (allegedly)

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As you see, some states fail to provide worthy reimbursement to people, who aim and work hard for the good of the nation. Now you know the numbers and can make your conclusions on the NYSC service.

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